WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.4

After much hard work and testing, this new release (v3.8.4) of the WordPress Newsletter plugin is available for all of you to enjoy.

You guys have requested some awesome features and again we decided that it is essential to implement the features that our users want and not necessarily what we want. After all, you are the ones using the software!

The release has many new features, fixes and more. You can read the detailed release notes in the documentation to see exactly what has been done to this build.

Let me tell you about some of the new features…

New Feature Highlights

Serial Key Validation

As you know, all our plugins have a software license which limits a single license to a single site. Of course the unlimited license allows use on multiple sites.

We have integrated a serial key validation check into the Newsletter plugin to back up our license and policy and it will ask you for a serial key upon installation and activation.

You can generate a serial key for your license from the downloads section and then simply click “Submit Serial Key” in your WordPress dashboard and fill it into the box and continue using the plugin with its full features.

Test Email Settings Utility

To open the testing utility, navigate to “Newsletters” > “Configuration” and you’ll see a “Test Email Settings” link on the right hand side above the “Save Settings” button.

This handy email testing utility will take your email settings under “General Mail Settings” in the plugin and test them to see if there are any problems.

It will tell you if the test email was successfully sent but if it wasn’t and there was an error, the utility will output the error as an attempt to give you an explanatory reason for the email settings not working so that you can act based on that.

Comment Form Checkbox

You can now configure the plugin to put a subscribe checkbox on your default WordPress comment form on posts/pages.

The settings allow you to turn On/Off this feature, set the mailing list for subscriptions to go into, specify the label/text of the checkbox and you can also auto/pre-check the checkbox if you want to.

With this feature you are guaranteed to get many more subscriptions on your site as people comment on your posts/pages.

Insert Single/Multiple Posts into Newsletters

With the use of the little TinyMCE envelope button/link in the editor, you can insert single and/or multiple posts into your newsletters.

The dialog provides you with all the options available so you can just select how and which posts should go into the newsletter and the appropriate shortcodes will be inserted.

The post(s) will be displayed with a title, post date and excerpt (with read more link) in the email as your subscribers will receive it.

Custom Fields in ‘Subscribers’ section

The ‘Subscribers’ section of the plugin can now display columns in the subscribers table for your custom fields so that you can immediately see the custom field values of your subscribers in the overview.

To display columns for custom fields, click the ‘Screen Options’ tab/button in the top right-hand corner of the page in the ‘Subscribers’ section, tick the custom fields to display and click the ‘Apply’ button.

Server Cron Job Scheduling

This server cron job setting is located under “Newsletters” > “Configuration” > “Email Scheduling” in the plugin and it allows you to use a cron job on your server rather than the built-in WordPress cron.

It is more reliable, more accurate and the cron is run by the server independently unlike the WordPress cron which is run on a pageload. So it will perform much better on large queues as well.

We definitely recommend that you use this rather than the WordPress cron. It is very easy to set up and the plugin provides you with the instructions.

Get v3.8.4 Now!

New customers can purchase the WordPress Newsletter plugin today for a low price of only $49.99. On top of that, we give you a 15% discount coupon! Enter the coupon code “15OFF” (without quotes) on the 2CheckOut payment gateway page. The plugin is definitely great value for money!

Existing customers can download the WordPress Newsletter plugin from the downloads section right now. Same goes for all WordPress Plugins Bundle users. It is included in the bundle on the site.

Installation and upgrade instructions are available in the documentation. If you need any assistance, please let us know.

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