WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.7.5

WordPress Newsletters pluginWe are proud to announce the release of WordPress Newsletters plugin version 3.7.5. There are a number of additions, improvements and changes to this release of the newsletters plugin.

The plugin allows you to create and maintain mailing lists and send out newsletters to your customers and blog visitors. It integrates seamlessly in WordPress and a post or page can be used to generate a Newsletter. It also works stand alone, meaning you can create a specific newsletter that you want to send out in the editor. There are many free newsletter templates available for download and with a little work you can easily integrate one or more of these into your mailing lists. The best feature about this plugin is that it allows you to give your users to subscribe to different newsletters that you have so they do not receive topical information on other subjects that they have not signed up for.

Newsletters is our flagship product. We use it on our own sites, including this news blog to send out this update which you are reading right now. It gets blasted out to thousands of subscribers/customers of ours.

With the release of tablets by many of the leading manufactures early this year communication is becoming more and more paperless. People expect to communicate and be informed by electronic means. Recently a survey was reported on the BBC that even the big newspapers such as the Times, Guardian  etc are being forced into this new burst of 21st evolution, so if you have not geared up yet to keep in contact with your visitors and clients now is the time to start. Don’t worry if your business is subscription based. Our plugin caters for that to.

Main Features

Below are all the main attractions/features for the WordPress Newsletters plugin. These are not all of features but simply the highlighted ones. If you have any questions regarding other features not listed, please feel free to contact us.

  • Multiple Mailing Lists
  • Bounce Email Management
  • Newsletter Queue & Scheduling
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Complete Email History
  • Unlimited Sidebar Widgets
  • Post/Page Opt-In Embedding
  • Offsite Subscription Forms
  • Publish Newsletter as a Post
  • Send Post as a Newsletter
  • Add Email Attachments
  • SMTP Authentication
  • Gmail SMTP Capability
  • Ajax Powered Features
  • Import/Export Subscribers
  • Custom Dynamic Opt-In Fields
  • Paid Subscriptions (PayPal & 2CheckOut)
  • Integrates with the banner rotator plugin
  • WordPress MU Compatible
  • Unlimited Subscribers/Contacts
  • Email Tracking
  • IP Logging of Subscribers
  • Updates Notification
  • WordPress 2.9 Compatible

What’s new in v3.7.5?


  • Use get_locale() to get current language code.
  • Overflow DIV on the ‘Send Newsletters’ page for ‘Mailing List(s)’ box.
  • The url() method in the wpMailPlugin class for better compatibility.
  • wpautop() for paragraphs instead of the “the_content” filter.
  • Checking for updates to increase performance.
  • Row actions in all sections below each record when hovered.
  • WordPress 2.9.1 compatible meta boxes in admin sections which are draggable & collapsable.
  • Subscription form Ajax updates the FORM element instead of the entire widget. Helps better overall compatibility with all themes even if they don’t have the proper “before_widget” and “after_widget” values set in the functions.php file.


  • Empty $filefull variable in the bounce() function.
  • Send on publish excerpt bug with length of excerpt.
  • Autosave on ‘Send Newsletter’ and ‘Save a Template’ showing a permissions error message.
  • Input field ID values starting with numeric value which caused invalid XHTML.
  • “wpmlonline” shortcode/variable was displaying blank when emails were sent through the queue.
  • Tabindex on subscription forms.
  • Absolute URLs for Ajax calls and other functionality specific to Windows servers


  • Updates notification on ‘Plugins’ page.
  • SMTP port setting in ‘Configuration’ when using SMTP or Gmail.
  • Ability to turn on/off jQuery scrolling on Ajax subscription forms.
  • Date shortcode/variable to put the current date into a newsletter in your preferred format.
  • TinyMCE button on WYSIWYG editor for quick insertion of subscription form shortcodes.
  • Setting to change the redirect after subscription confirmation.
  • Sections metabox in ‘Configuration’ for better navigation.


  • Contact form from the ‘Support & Help’ section.
  • ‘Support Forums’ link in the ‘Support & Help’ section.


  • The nl_NL (Dutch) translation.


  • ‘listdiv’ has been changed to ‘mailinglistdiv’ on ‘Send Newsletter’ page.
  • Fixed the Viper’s Video Quicktags breaking the editor in ‘Send Newsletter’ and ‘Save a Template’ sections.
  • Directory separator (DS) constant for paths. Windows compatibility.


  • Changed the string ‘Newsletter could not be sent’ to ‘Newsletter could not be queued/scheduled’ when scheduling is turned on.
  • Moved tracking code from ‘views/email/send.php’ to ‘views/email/foot.php’.
  • (add new)’ link to ‘Add New’ buttons in all sections.
  • MySQL database tables now uses UTF-8.
  • ‘languages’ folder for language files.

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  1. Roger Pilon on August 11, 2010

    Can your plug-in be used anytime a post is updated?

    1) you set-up a mail form
    2) that email form is specific to particular post,
    3) client sign in to get updates on that post
    4) everytime that post is updated, he will receive an email




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