WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.8.3

Once again the best newsletters plugin for WordPress just got much, much better! It is the WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.8.3!

This is a great release because we implemented two features which you guys have been asking us for and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do (already). In addition to new features – as always – we have made improvements and fixed bugs in the plugin.

Before I tell you more about the new features and explain them in a bit more detail, you may head over to the release notes to see exactly what has changed in the plugin since v3.8.

Feature Highlights

Latest Posts Subscription

This is a prototype of the FeedBurner email subscriptions. For those of you not familiar with FeedBurner, it is a web feed management service which allows you to submit your feeds through it and as a result manage your feed(s) and see a full traffic analysis. FeedBurner has an email subscription feature which sends out your latest entries in your feed to users who subscribed via email.

So our Newsletters plugin does just that and much more. It is a more flexible solution because you can select the number of posts to be sent at a time, the categories for posts to be taken from, the mailing list(s) to send to, the interval to send at and even the newsletter theme to use. Overall, you have much more control over the behavior, look and feel of your latest posts subscription email. It is fully automated!

For help with setting up latest posts subscription emails, see the configuration settings.

Multi-part Emails

The plugin can now send multi-part emails containing both an HTML and a plain text part in every email which is sent out to your subscribers. As a result, the receiving client software will decide which part to use. If a user’s email client doesn’t support HTML emails, the plain text part will be automatically displayed and the user won’t see your HTML markup.

This is a setting in the configuration area which you can turn On/Off. It is recommended that you turn it On as it can only be beneficial and doesn’t have any “side effects”. It works with both the SMTP, Gmail and WP Mail types of mail protocols, with or without attachments.

Upgrade to v3.8.3 now!

Existing customers of the WordPress Newsletters plugin can download it from the downloads management section right now! It is included for WordPress plugins bundle users as well. If your download expired, you’ll need to renew it and at the same time you can test our new updates renewal system which allows you to renew for 3, 6, 12 or even 24 months ahead, saving you the time and effort of doing it regularly.

New customers can purchase our Newsletters plugin for WordPress at any time. You can get 15% OFF your order by using the coupon code 15OFF when you reach the 2CheckOut payment gateway page. Included in your purchase is the plugin with all its source code and 3 months free access to all new versions released. We release quite often so you will benefit from it!

Beautiful Newsletter Templates

Professional newsletter templates that are fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile. They are 100% cross-client compatible.

See Them
  1. Fernando on July 14, 2010

    Buying unlimited installations license gives rights on updates of this plugin?

    If it becames incompatible with newer versions of WordPress I´ll have to buy again?

    • Antonie Potgieter on July 14, 2010

      Hi Fernando,

      The unlimited installations license gives you the ability to install and use the plugin on unlimited sites.

      All purchases include 3 months of FREE access to all new releases within that period. After that, the download will expire and you can renew for $5.00 for another 3 months. You can choose to renew for 3, 6, 12 or even 24 months at a time. You’ll never have to buy the plugin again, you just update/renew your download when it expires.

      Please see the updates subscription policy here: http://tribulant.com/policies/updates/

      All the best,


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