2 Ways to Promote Your Amazon Listings Through Social Media

Amazon is hailed as one of the holy grails of e-commerce platforms, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Because of its popularity, it also means there is an uncomfortable amount of competition. As there are so many options for customers to wade through, it is easy for businesses to get lost. This is why there is now a shift in innovative strategy for promoting Amazon listings, and utilizing social media is a great way to engage customers and make your business stand out from the rest.

This piece will discuss how just to do that!


Drive Traffic Directly to Your Listings

Thanks to Instagram becoming somewhat of an ally to the e-commerce world since debuting key features in which those who use this platform can link directly to their online stores and purchase right in the app, showcasing products on social media has never been easier. Facebook is also e-commerce friendly with a variety of business features that can link consumers directly to products they have seen advertised on Facebook.

Driving traffic directly from your social media is one of the least complicated strategies and can be implemented by any business with a social media account. When it comes to paid advertisement, there is an element of flexibility in choosing the demographics in which the adverts are shown to, and those who find the page organically can usually be assumed to be interested in those specific products.

That being said, it is very common for users to just end up on pages that are not necessarily relevant to them, and pages can also be targeted to people who are not interested in buying, which means that more often than not, they will not convert into sales.

This can reflect badly on your Amazon account, as the number of visits to the landing pages will far outweigh the sales conversations. It can be difficult, as Amazon can have strict criteria for business accounts, and excessive issues or violations of policies can cause them to review or suspend and account. Thankfully, there are businesses such as riverbendconsulting.com which provide expertise for problems such as these!


Create Active Engagement with Customers

The beauty of social media is that we can be just that, social! It is a chance to interact with our audience, those interested in our products, and answer any questions or concerns they might have that could prevent them from making a sale. This does not mean businesses have to be glued to their social media 24/7, (though if they can afford it, that service could be extremely beneficial) there are also the options for chatbots, which answer customer’s most frequent questions as if they were chatting to a person. This gives a more social approach to the classic FAQ pages we see on e-commerce websites.

The more engagement that happens on a social media account means the more traction the posts will get. Engaging with customers also encourages trust, which is important for earning customers loyalty and promoting your products or services by word of mouth.

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