Awesome Things You Can Get with the Best WordPress Themes for Digital Marketing

Being an entrepreneur means finding new ways of promoting your goods and services. In today’s world, with the presence of the Internet, spreading the word about goods has definitely become easier than it used to be. Internet marketing is definitely one of the most effective tools for this. Yet, it is not the only one.

Digital marketing, which includes promoting products or services with the help of electronic devices, is definitely gaining its popularity. Digital marketing is a broader notion than Internet marketing. It involves more means of communication between businesses and customers. These means are represented by emails and websites, ebooks and online brochures, social networks and messaging, and many more other ways of reaching the targeted audience.

Certainly, the agencies that deal with digital marketing services should have a convincing website themselves. Creating such a website becomes really easy with marketing agency website templates. Let’s have a look at a collection of these templates.

Imperion – Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

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Firstly, this theme is multipurpose, so you can apply it to different kinds of websites, including digital marketing agencies. Secondly, it is based on the amazing drag-and-drop Elementor page builder that will let you customize your webpage easily. Moreover, the JetElements addon will provide you with multiple ways of presenting your content. You will be also enchanted by a free Revolution Slider that is included in this theme. You are sure to find the theme’s functionality really powerful, as it includes everything you could need for your agency. A few examples include Cherry Projects and Testimonials, Services List and PopUps, TM Timeline and Events Calendar. Besides, all images of the theme are included for free. So, you’ll be able to save money with this efficient theme and its bonuses.

Adverting – Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

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This theme, suitable for various kinds of advertising agencies, will impress you with its color contrasts and combinations. Its drag-and-drop functionality is no less striking, as it is based on Power Builder. You’ll find a huge collection of presets and modules to start building your website immediately. Customizing all elements is a clear and easy experience, too. Take advantage of content modules to add any type of information to your page. You may display images, post audio and video, include maps, counters, buttons, or sidebars depending on your needs. Moreover, you can showcase information about your team with Cherry Team Plugin, and your customers’ reviews with Cherry Testimonials. You don’t have to worry about the installation process. The setup wizard will do its magic and guide you through all the necessary steps.

Bitunet – Cryptocurrency Elementor WordPress Theme

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Appropriate for different marketing agencies, this skillfully created theme includes an enormous variety of pages to choose from. It also has advanced pre-designed countdowns that will visualize important information. If you wish to present your data in graphics, you’ll find them in this theme, too. Another useful feature is various review layouts that will help you to demonstrate reviews on any products or services in an appealing way. The theme has also got a variety of Jet plugins to make an efficient website. Adjust headers and footers, add visual effects and popups, create accordion blocks and forms to satisfy your needs. If you have a lot of different information, you can use Mega Menus to categorize it. Furthermore, the blogging tool will let you run your blog smoothly.

TopConsult – Business Consulting WordPress Theme

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This pleasant theme will be of interest to those companies that deal with consulting. It contains numerous attractive skins and pages for different occasions. For instance, you’ll find Home Page, About Page, Services, Clients pages and so on. The theme’s drag-and-drop functionality is exactly what you need to build your page effortlessly. Surely, you can adjust background options, arrange data in MegaMenus, add sidebars and other required elements. As the theme is WPML ready, you can run your page in different languages, thus attracting a new audience. Moreover, the theme possesses MailChimp ready template. MailChimp, one of the essential digital marketing tools for eCommerce, will make your email marketing stronger. The theme is also Ecwid ready, so running a business on your website is also possible.

Perfect Corporate WordPress Theme

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Being fresh and stylish, this theme will satisfy the requirements of various companies and agencies. It provides you with limitless page layouts to create the most appealing page. You can put emphasis on your services or portfolio, as well as give quick access to the blog with the help of blog right sidebar. Background options, headers, footers, logos, buttons, and various other elements will let you experiment with your webpage as much as you like. Moreover, you can choose from more than 500 integrated Google fonts to find your personal style. The theme supports WooCommerce, so it will make running an online business a comfortable experience. It also features WPML Translator to create pages in different languages.

Startup Company One Page WordPress Theme

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This charming light theme is especially useful for promoting startups. It gives wonderful possibilities to create necessary pages, such as Services, Team, Clients pages, as well as About Page and Features. It is characterized by one-click installation and Elementor page builder with drag-and-drop functionality. In addition, Live Customizer will show you instantly all the adjustments that you make, so you don’t have to reload your webpage to see the changes. The theme’s outstanding plugins will ensure smooth work of your website both for you and your visitors. As this theme is Retina ready, you can upload images of the best quality. They will be displayed properly and quickly without any troubles.

Dominer Business & Services WordPress Theme

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An astonishing collection of pre-built pages contained in this theme was developed to provide you with an easy way of building a website. Visual Composer, a powerful page builder, will allow you to add various types of content. Multiple plugins that are also included in this theme give the possibility to present information about team members, services, and projects in an appealing way. If you wish to have a blog, you can create it with the help of 4 different blog layouts. Related Posts will show your visitors more information effectively, making them stay on your page for a longer period of time. Additionally, you can experiment with headers and footers to give your website a unique look.

Digitallium – Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

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Elegant and stylish, this theme is sure to become an efficient website for companies that deal with digital marketing. With its pre-designed pages, including Home, About, Services, Team, and Clients pages, you will be able to arrange your information in the most pleasing way. As the theme has got a powerful Elementor page builder with numerous modules, you will definitely enjoy its drag-and-drop functionality while creating personalized pages. JetMenu, which is included as a special bonus, will let you arrange information into categories and subcategories, facilitating navigation through your website. Moreover, the theme contains bonus images, so you don’t have to look for appropriate images elsewhere.


JetMenu allows you to power your website’s MegaMenu panels without ever leaving the much-loved Elementor Visual Editor. With this plugin, you can create horizontal/vertical menu panels that display content of different types.

SEOMarket – SEO Website WordPress Theme

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If your company specializes in SEO, this theme will be a treasure for you. With a vast variety of pages contained in this theme, you’ll launch a website in a fast way. The drag-and-drop functionality of Elementor page builder will also promote creating a website. Incredible plugins that are a part of this theme will let you showcase information about your company’s projects, services, and team members. In addition, the theme supports blog functionality and features various layouts to make your blog eye-catching. As the focus on social networks remains one of the significant marketing trends, the theme can boast of various social options, too. Various forms, such as Contact form and Newsletter Subscription, are also aimed at creating a strong connection between your business and customers.

LoudIn Public Speaking Elementor WordPress Theme

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As digital marketing involves various kinds of promoting goods and services, speeches can become a powerful tool in this case. Creating a website for a public speaker will be as easy as ABC with this fascinating theme. With the huge variety of widgets and modules, as well as with efficient drag-and-drop functionality, you’ll be able to add any content you need. You can include videos and audios, amaze your visitors with image carousels, or save the space with accordions. You will be able to change buttons, icons, counters, and other elements yourself. Live Customizer, which is also a part of this theme, will let you see any alterations you make without reloading your page.

To sum up, our digital era presents us both with marvelous opportunities for running a business and with fresh challenges to promote these businesses. Digital marketing comprises numerous ways of promoting goods and services with the help of electronic means.

Creating a website for a digital marketing agency can be greatly facilitated with Bootstrap templates. These themes have been developed by professionals that have taken into consideration the needs of marketing agencies.

Apart from having an engaging design, marketing agency website themes can boast of their functionality. They have a fully responsive design, so they are displayed properly on all devices. Moreover, they feature social options for establishing effective communication between companies and customers. Furthermore, such themes include multiple customization options, so you can choose what elements are necessary for you and adjust everything to your needs. So, don’t hesitate to choose your perfect marketing agency website template now.

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