Fashion Brands Need to Tap Into Instagram’s Hidden Potential


Fashion bloggers can tap into Instagram’s hidden potential

Instagram has always been the place for fashion-savvy bloggers, street fashion followers, and designers. Since it has always been an image-heavy site, it gives fashion bloggers and fashion labels an added edge. You can, not only talk about your latest fall collection, you can show them to your followers.


It is not done and dusted!

Yes, it is true that Mayfair and Vintage filters work best on Instagram for most fashion labels. Moreover, it is also true, that you should stick to what most fashion pioneers have already established. However, that does not mean, you should not experiment with your own brand image, photography, campaign ideas and more. Currently, Instagram boasts of over 400 million active followers. Unless someone is living under a rock, he or she has to have at least one fashion label in his or her feed. We are not talking about sponsored ads. We are talking about the accounts of social influencers, fashion icons, and labels that give out lucrative deals almost every day. If you think, this image-heavy and hashtag filled app is not for your indie fashion label or big fashion brand, think again!

Even individuals are making millions

We know of influencers who make millions from simple endorsements, and we are aware of fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni (of The Blonde Salad) who have shown how you can go it without even having a “real blog” going. Instagram now represents a grass-root celebrity movement that is taking the online world by storm. Take for example – Whitney Cox from LA. She started off with cat pictures and cute pictures of her latte. Once she started posting her daily outfits, her friends and colleagues started following her. She thought of doing this for a living, and now she has over 24,000 followers for Instagram. They all love her 90s inspired West Coast sense of style. It is all about finding your calling and sticking to it.

Creating new content is a challenge

The problem with Instagram is to be original enough. With thousands of style bloggers and fashion enthusiasts logging in every day and posting over million pictures every day, it becomes close to impossible to find something that is both original and relatable for your target audience. 70% of all Instagram users already follow at least one brand on the platform. 62% of them support a brand simply because they like their pictures. Getting followers can be as simple as that, but getting the right followers, who will contribute to your conversion rates, can be difficult if you do not stick to your brand image. Here’s how we tell our clients to do it.

Start with a business account

Start with a business account. Bloggers may have it free, but if you want to drive business from an account, you need to register for a business account with Instagram. Keep all your Hawaii trip selfies and Starbucks shots for your personal account. Linking your personal account to your business account is a better idea since you can see what’s going on with your business as a regular Instagrammer as well.

Include a live link

Now, do not forget to include a website link to your Instagram account. Most users include the link in their bio section. However, we also see a couple of smarties who include the live links as image descriptions as well. There is no inhibition in doing that, especially if you are a fashion brand, including relevant hashtags followed by your link could be a good idea. People can only check out what’s for sale on your Insta account and they can directly visit the link and click on the purchase option.

Be friends with consistency

Always use a consistent theme, filter, and hashtag. Social media marketing relies a lot on consistency. Consistent quality will do more than just define your brand. Do not change your profile image frequently. Most fashion brands use their original logo or latest fashion campaigns as their profile pictures. Most of your future Instagram interactions will involve your image, so make sure it stays as recognizable and professional as possible.

Professional photo quality is a thing!

Size your photos for professional purpose. 612 x 612 pixels is usually the size marketers prefer. Since Instagram prefers square photo frames, make sure, that your composition is such that it supports the square shape. You should not have to exclude information just to make your photo fit in the post. You can use apps like Instasize to get your pictures ship shape for your next post.

Do not forget to stand apart from your competitors. Don’t just show your products, show lifestyle pictures that will capture the brand’s essence in daily lives of the users. Forget hard selling techniques. Use promotions and offers via interesting posts to keep your Instagram followers on their toes.

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