Four ways to improve your social media marketing

Having a strong presence on social media is one of the most effective and cheap marketing tools for a small business. However, many business owners are not efficiently harnessing their social media platforms or using them to their best advantage. Here are four ways you can strengthen your position and improve your social media marketing.


  1. Post content more regularly

Publishing the odd blog post or YouTube video simply won’t do if you want to build a loyal following on these platforms. Likewise, each post should be complementary rather than seemingly random to ensure that followers see you as a reliable, engaging creator. Make a schedule of social media posts, their content, and when they are going to be published to help to keep you on track. There are many social media management software options that let you schedule social media posts to help you manage your time more effectively.


  1. Improve the quality of your content

With so many social media accounts out there, it’s important that your content stands out in order to encourage engagement. Make sure your social media platforms and content look as professional as possible. This might involve some investment on your part, such as learning how to edit a video and purchasing a better-quality camera or spending time to craft an interesting blog post. Keep yourself informed about what is going on in your community by having a presence at industry events, for instance, at trade show rentals. By doing this, you can relate first-hand industry information to your followers, marking you as an active industry expert, as well as providing an opportunity to produce fun content, such as vlogs, if this is appropriate to your brand.


  1. Try new social media outlets

There are many different types of social media platforms to engage with. If you only have a blog or a Twitter account, why not also join YouTube or Instagram? Having several different social media platforms will allow your business to reach the different demographics using each platform. Each platform also allows you to highlight different aspects of your business; for instance, a YouTube video enables you to show off a product to hundreds of potential customers, while Twitter lets you immediately respond to industry news and engage in debate. Having a variety of social media platforms truly lets you engage with your entire customer base while showing off your business to its best advantage. A great way to get your content out there is by using PPC services, like Google Ads, which can display your videos as ads in YouTube. Affordable PPC management services are available.


  1. Engage with followers

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, make sure you engage with your online followers. The key to effective social media marketing lies in the ‘social’ aspect – treat your followers as a community and nurture your relationship with that community, rather than going in with hard marketing. With a growing emphasis on sustainability and small businesses, followers are more likely to want to support a friend rather than someone who consistently spams them with hard sells. If you invest in your relationships with online followers, you will find that you gain not only customers but also loyal friends.

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