The Evolution of Cyber Security Protection

Both cybercriminals and the means to defend against them have evolved significantly in recent years. Looking back over the last thirty years of cybercrime reveals the scale of that change, and highlights the importance of strong online security for businesses of all shapes and sizes. While cybersecurity used to be relatively straightforward, it has evolved into a complex series of stages and lines of defense. Failing to adapt to the ever-changing complexity and cunningness of cybercriminals is the first step to becoming a victim. Here’s how cybersecurity has changed, and what businesses can and should learn to expect from the future.


Early Examples

If you think that cybercrime is a recent trend, then you’re not looking back far enough. One of the earliest examples of cybercrime occurred in 1988, when the so-called Morris Worm caused an estimated $96 million worth of damage and resulted in roughly 70,000 internet systems to crash. Cybersecurity became something of a priority as a result, and the current landscape of online security is now a multi-million dollar industry that every business needs to be aware of. While cybersecurity used to be tackled in-house by small IT departments, as businesses became more aware of the risks involved, so their cybersecurity has required evolution. This includes complying with AML regulatory requirements, which are designed to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes through the use of technology.


Recent Attacks

The Morris Worm seems very basic considering the latest cutting-edge technologies that hackers have access to. This was seen very explicitly in 2014, when Sony fell victim to a data breach that damaged their reputation, their profits, and the security of a number of high-profile employees and board members. This was something of a wake-up call to modern business, as they realized that cyber attacks were not limited to the theft of money. Disruption and data are the primary targets of the modern hacker, and businesses have needed to evolve in order to stay safe.


Security & Innovation

Methods of online protection have changed immeasurably over the last thirty years. Now that everyone is connected through digital devices, IT security is becoming a key driver of online innovation. Technologies are now designed with security at the front end of the necessary requirements, and this is expected to continue. Adoption of cloud technologies and multiple online platforms means that companies need to have better security at every entrance point into their systems, and not focusing on endpoint security could be cataclysmic for both the companies that design connected products and services, and the businesses that use them.

In addition, companies are now implementing user access review best practices which are crucial for any organization’s security. Some of these practices include developing a user access review policy, creating a formalized user access review procedure, implementing role-based access control and least privileged access, granting temporary – not permanent – user access, and getting the right people involved.


The Future of Cybersecurity

It is essential that businesses place a high priority on adopting new technologies, and have a proactive approach to the notion of online security. Cybercrime is a clear and present threat to businesses of all sizes and in every sector, and without a core foundation of security and security processes, those businesses are much more open to risk. As businesses adopt a more connected approach to the workplace, a lack of online security focus leaves both workers and business vulnerable.

Being more adaptable to potential online threats is the result of decades of cybersecurity awareness. Make sure that your business is protected from hackers by keeping up to date on the latest hacking trends. The history of cybercrime has shown that nobody is safe from cybercriminals, and only by taking a proactive approach to your online defenses can you protect your finances, your customers, and your reputation.

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