What is SEO and why do I need an SEO Agency London?

SEO is an extremely important topic when you have a website and that is why today we have a new guest who will tell us what SEO is and why it is so important.

We will talk then in the following paragraphs, about what SEO is, why I need it and what is the importance of positioning our website naturally, without ads.

I hope it will serve you to have an essential introduction about the type of investment you can make on your website.

It is fundamental for any business to have a strategy and achieve the best positioning in search engines, so I am sure this post will help you understand its benefits.

Let’s see then what it is and why it is important to optimize your website with SEO.


SEO: Definition and Meaning

The term SEO comes from the English “Search Engine Optimization” and means Search Engine Optimization. When we speak of SEO we refer, then, to the optimization of digital platforms to improve their positioning in the search results shown by the different search engines (search engines) in response to queries made by their users suggests the founder of SEO Agency London


What is a Search Engine?

Search engines are nothing more or less than the search engines that exist on different web platforms and serve to find results on the different queries we make.

A more technical definition would be that a search engine is a computer system that is responsible for finding files hosted on web servers and then display the information specifically related to the search you have been asked.

A clear example of search engines are the search engines that offer websites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing in which you can find results related to web pages, images, videos or news.

Others may be search engines such as those used in Websites aimed at showing more specific results, a clear example of this is Youtube, as it is an online platform aimed at video searches.


Is SEO the same as Web Positioning?

 Although we could partially answer yes to this question, it would be imprecise to do so.

As we saw in the previous paragraphs, SEO is related to search engines, that is why the use of this discipline is not only oriented to position a website in Google, but there are also other types of SEO, which differ according to the type of platform on which it should be applied, let’s see just some of them:


  • SEO on Youtube

Youtube SEO is the application of Search Engine Optimization techniques and best practices to position videos on Youtube.

There are several techniques and also professionals that can help you optimize your channels on the most used video platform in order to capture more followers and increase your audience.

I recommend this video-tutorial of my authorship so you can know how to position videos on Youtube.


  • SEO in Social Networks

SEO applied to social networks is known as SMO (Social Media Optimization), and is based on optimizing the profile of a social network to improve its positioning in both the search engine of the same as for other search engines such as Google.

Let’s not forget that your social network links are also positioned in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.


  • SEO for SEM

While this concept may sound contradictory to some, given the known “adversity” between SEO and SEM, we can not rule out that there are actions aimed at positioning ads on platforms that provide SEM services (Search Engine Marketing)

A clear example of this is the optimization carried out by different experts or advanced users on Google Ads.

Likewise, those who carry out this discipline, try to constantly improve different factors that will make an ad appear in the first positions or not.

It must be taken into account that there are many advertisers that invest money but their ads are printed in the last positions of the first page of results and even others that only appear in the second page.


What is SEO for? Why is it important?

If you want to know what is the most profitable for the Digital Marketing of your website, without a doubt the answer is SEO.

In order to understand why it is more profitable and why you should invest in SEO from the beginning of your website, I will explain it by confronting two classic concepts of Online Marketing with a practical case for each situation.



CASE A : Investment in SEM (Google ADS)

  • Fact 1:
    • Suppose we have a blog whose main topic is “Marketing for Business”.
  • Fact 2:
    • We want to position the blog by investing in Ads (Google Ads) for the first page of results every time someone searches Google for a set of 100 perfectly selected keywords (search phrases) relevant to our business.
  • Fact 3:
    • The group of keywords has a potential of 10 thousand searches per month on average.
  • Fact 4:
    • Let’s also suppose that we are paying AR$20 thousand AND AR$10 thousand between the professional who is in charge of Google Ads and the total cost to receive 5000 clicks of the 10 thousand searches that we already saw that group of keywords has.
  • Conclusion of CASE A:
    • We get 50% of clicks on the amount of searches of the group of keywords for a cost of AR$30 thousand.


CASE B : Investment in SEO (Web Positioning in Google)

  • Fact 1:
    • Let’s assume we have the same blog as in case A.
  • Fact 2:
    • We want to position the blog for the first page of results every time someone searches in Google the same group of 100 keywords as in case A just by investing in SEO services.
  • Fact 3:
    • The group of keywords has the same potential of 10 thousand monthly searches on average since we are talking about the same group as in case A.
  • Fact 4:
    • Let’s suppose that we are paying only AR$10 thousand for the professional who is in charge of the SEO service to receive unlimited clicks (since as we are not dealing with ads we have no budget limit) from the 10 thousand searches that we already saw that group of keywords has.
  • Conclusion of Case B:
    • We are positioned in the first page also as in case A, in the first positions and we obtain 80% of clicks on the amount of searches of the group of key words for a cost of AR$10 thousand with the possibility of receiving as many clicks as possible, since our position in the search engine was given in a natural / organic way and it does not depend on having a limited budget in clicks.


Which is more profitable?

Without a doubt, the most profitable investment to capture potential customers is the web positioning – SEO, either by paying a fixed cost to whoever is in charge of doing it or better yet because we have learned to do it ourselves


What are the factors that influence SEO

Although there are several factors that influence SEO, we can differentiate them into two groups.

Let’s take the case of web positioning and see its factors:

  • On-Page Factors

These are all factors that have to do with optimizations that are applied directly within your website.

  • Site loading speed

The speed of loading a website makes the user experience.

Google values most those sites that take about 3 seconds to load. A large percentage of visits to your website can be lost simply because the person trying to access your site does not want to wait.

I recommend these tools to measure the speed of your site, they will specify what you can improve on your website to optimize the loading speed, if you do not have technical knowledge to do so or understand these recommendations, you can ask your webmaster that he will understand, anyway there are many tutorials on the Internet.


Keywords of the content

It is important that your content has keywords related to the main topic of your website and also that they are words that people use to search.

There are several tools that you can use to do this.

Beyond the fact that good web positioning is due to a set of diverse factors, including quality keywords in the content of your website can help you position yourself better. It would be your initial kick to try to boost your website.


Content structure

The structure of your content also plays an important role in positioning. A website without images or videos is not the same as a website with images and videos.

It’s not the same for a website that doesn’t put titles in its texts as one that does, that’s why, as Carlota points out, it’s important to know how to write to improve the positioning seo.


User experience

The user experience is also important when it comes to positioning, google detects certain metrics with which it measures the behavior of your web visitors within your site, so you should have your pages optimized to provide a good experience to your potential customers.



Interlinking is the form and distribution by which you link each of the pages of your website. Likewise, the internal linking of your website is a way of showing Google or the search engines how the topics you publish are related and in turn whether they deserve to be relevant or not by virtue of their content and links.


OFF – Page Factors

Off-page factors are all the factors that involve optimizations that are applied to other sites and indirectly influence the positioning of your website.



Link building is the obtaining of links from other websites to yours. In this way we manage to build a reputation or a certain level of authority in the “eyes of the search engines”.

If our website has inbound links from websites that have, in turn, a good reputation and authority, they will be providing a percentage of their reputation to us. This increases our Google ranking in the medium to long term, as it represents that our site is of greater relevance.

Anyway it is not as easy as it seems, you have to be careful with the links you get since you can produce the opposite effect by linking your web from sites with a high degree of Spam or doing it from the same server or IP.



SEO is the best investment you can make for your website in order to capture potential customers or simply be found by search engines for certain search phrases.

It is also important to note that it is not enough to have a website optimized for SEO, as you can be first in Google but if your website is not clear and does not provide a user experience optimized for the conversion or target you want, you will not achieve the expected results.

You can learn SEO on your own, but you must know that it requires a lot of patience, analysis, trial and error.

It is important that you plan how and what your actions will be to optimize all the on page and off page factors for the SEO of your website.

Although this is a topic that deserves separate attention, I can tell you that this planning is what will shape your SEO strategy and in turn, it must be aligned with the objectives of other branches of Digital Marketing, since SEO is only one of them.

Finally, keep in mind that SEO is a discipline that is constantly being updated as well as your competition can always be active in terms of SEO optimization, so it is important to always keep your website optimized, so that today we can be first in Google but if tomorrow we “let ourselves be” it is very likely that we will start to lose positions.

There are other factors also related to SEO ON PAGE that are related to “Fresh Content”. Search engines love it when you update your content, and not only that, but you do it intelligently.

I hope this article has helped you, I hope you have a lot of success with the positioning of your website. Until the next post!

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