4 Website Design Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Business’s Success

Today’s internet users are generally well versed in website design. With a simple glance, they can identify the difference between a good and a mediocre website. And many of them believe a company is only as good as its website.

Businesses that have subpar websites risk losing customers, which equates to revenue loss. Based on a survey, 75% of individuals judge a business’s legitimacy according to its website design. Additionally, 94% of users say one of the major reasons they lose interest in a website is its appearance. Hence, if you want to establish trust and attract new customers, you need to be particularly careful about your web design. With these statistics in mind, here are common design mistakes to avoid if you want your website and company to succeed. (1)


  1. Using a template design

An online website generator may seem to be the best alternative for someone who has little coding experience and a very restricted budget. However, hiring a professional web design company to create a custom website for your business may bring major benefits that a do-it-yourself effort cannot match.

Templates provide very limited customization choices and are seldom viable in the long run. Because of this, the outcomes of these tools are often fairly basic. Moreover, they don’t include capabilities that may be used to expand your website as your company develops.

With plenty of competition in your industry, blending in isn’t an option. You have to differentiate yourself, leave a mark, and be ready to meet your customers’ increasing demands. However, this is not achievable with basic website builders. Therefore, if you’re concerned about developing trust, increasing sales, and expanding your business, it’s better to get expert assistance.


  1. Overlooking responsiveness and speed

Your website’s design is not the ultimate objective. It’s only a means to an end—delivering the best possible user experience. And it goes without saying that a lack of speed and lengthy loading time are two of the most detrimental aspects of this experience.

According to a statistic, a quarter of your website visitors will abandon your page if it fails to load within 3 seconds. Of course, the longer the queuing period is, the higher is the rebound rate. To put it another way, the speed at which your website loads have a direct impact on your company’s end result. (2)

Hence, it’s essential to prioritize speed. This may be accomplished by doing three things. Start by choosing a theme that places a premium on performance. Next, keep the interactive aspects to a minimum. Finally, develop a habit of testing and updating your website frequently to ensure you detect a serious issue as quickly as possible.


  1. Lack or ineffective use of calls to action

Your company website is a place for customers to learn more about your business, products, and services. It’s your actual CV on the internet, and its goal is to impress your intended audience. However, what you may not realize is that one of the most critical components of your website is your calls to action (CTAs).

A CTA is a statement intended to urge site visitors to complete some type of activity. An effective call to action encourages customers to take advantage of your offer. A few examples of these are “Register now” and “Subscribe now.” (3)

A good CTA may evoke the reaction you’re looking for from your visitors. But a powerful CTA may boost conversion rates, generate sales inquiries, and help you meet your site’s aims and targets. (3)

When developing your website, it would be a mistake to not include some CTA buttons. It may be hard for your clients to make sense of the content of your site without these CTAs. However, providing your website with CTA buttons should not be the end of the process. Inappropriate usage of these buttons should be given attention, too, since it might have a negative effect on your website.


  1. Overloading viewers with a plethora of options

Multiple choices might be detrimental to your viewers as these may restrict their ability to make a decision. One research delved into this subject further by establishing two experimental groups and subjecting them to a variety of conditions. (4)

Each respondent was given a $1 voucher for the jam of their choice. The first group received six distinct kinds of jam, whereas the second received 24 distinct variations. The findings showed that the test subjects in the first set were ten times more inclined to make a decision. (4)

The same holds in the area of web design. Some businesses provide their customers with as many options as possible, aiming to give them the material they’d like. This is a risky tactic, which may be addressed by ensuring clear and user-friendly website navigation. By categorizing these things into catalog-style sections, you’ll provide your viewers with an easier selection, which can increase your revenue in the long term.



Many business websites have yet to master these fundamentals, which suggests they may be missing out on new clients and followers. Fortunately, these are easy to remember, making it much simpler to avoid committing these mistakes. But while preventing these errors doesn’t ensure your website will come out precisely as you imagined it would, you can leverage them still to elevate your website from a decent to a superb one.


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