6 Factors to Consider When Designing Your WordPress Site

Whether you want to run a blog or create an e-commerce store, the flexibility that WordPress platform offers when creating a website will amaze you. However, you require the right approach when designing your WordPress website. You don’t want to create a website that won’t achieve the intended objectives. Here are six factors to consider when designing your WordPress site.


1.    SEO

SEO needs to be a major focus when you are building a WordPress website. This is why it is vital to hire the right team of web designers to ensure the technical aspects of SEO are considered when developing your site’s structure. This post will help you ask the right questions when looking for a web designer that understands the value of building a website for SEO.


2.    Choose the right theme

WordPress has an impressive collection of themes that suit all types of websites and demands. This is one of the main reasons why most people use WordPress to create their websites. However, you require a theme that suits your site and is highly responsive. You also need a theme that allows for modifications and design changes that best suit your goals and website function.


3.    Get the right plugins

Getting the right plugins when designing a WordPress site is critical as these tools determine a website’s performance. You need more than the basic plugins, and with a collection of over 38,000 WordPress plugins, it is easy to find plugins that suit your website’s needs. Make sure to choose plugins that can easily be tailored to your website’s purpose.


4.    Security

Cyber threats are growing by the day, and if you do not secure your site right from the start, you will end up frustrated. There are many tools you can utilize to enhance your WordPress site’s security, including iThemes Security, Wordfence, and BulletProof Security plugins. In today’s digital world, you can never compromise the security of your site regardless of the kind of site you are building. You don’t have to be a financial institution, government agency, or a major retailer to be targeted by cybercriminals.


5.    Social media integration

A website is your primary digital marketing tool, and it should be integrated with other digital marketing methods. Social media has become a central part of our lives, and there is no denying its impacts. Integrating your WordPress site with social media channels will make it easier to reach out to a broader audience range. Social media marketing has also become the most efficient way of building a loyal following and growing a brand’s presence in today’s highly competitive market.


6.    Usability

Making your site easy to use for the average user is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing your building your WordPress site. Making your website easy to use and navigate improves user experience and minimizes bounce rate.



WordPress has redefined how people build websites as it gives everyone a platform for creating a great-looking and practical site. These tips will help design an amazing and high-performance WordPress website.

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