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Building Custom WordPress Plugins: A Step-by-Step Guide

WordPress is popular partly due to its open-source nature, allowing developers to create plugins that extend its functionality. There are currently over 55,000 plugins available, but you may be interested in learning how to build your own. The good news is that WordPress makes it relatively easy to create an essential plugin, even if you […]

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Top 8 Reasons To Choose WordPress As a CMS For Your Educational Websites

In the digital age, educational institutions are increasingly recognizing the importance of having a strong online presence. A well-designed and user-friendly website can enhance communication, engage students, and showcase the institution’s offerings. When it comes to building and managing educational websites, WordPress emerges as the top choice. With its versatility, customization options, and extensive features, […]

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Exporting your design from Figma to WordPress: 3 ways to do it

WordPress is one of the most used CMS platforms worldwide. Figma is a design tool revolutionizing the design game. Both tools have earned their reputation for being the best in their respective fields. The only thing that can make those platforms more powerful is combining them. Taking your design from Figma to WordPress can take […]

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Best Restaurant WordPress Themes with Online Ordering

The demand for food delivery services is on the rise today. Both individuals and businesses have enjoyed the convenience of checking out menus of their favorite cafes and restaurants online and having their orders delivered to their doorstep. So, whether you are involved in the restaurant business or thinking about launching one, the following collection […]

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How to improve your WordPress website’s performance

No one wants to squander any time on the Internet. Speed is paramount, especially when it comes to the speed of loading. In truth, if your WordPress site is slow and requires users to wait even a few seconds, you’ll likely see the consequences immediately – your bounce rates are increasing, conversions are decreasing, and […]

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Mastering Social Media Marketing with WordPress: Tips and Tricks

Are you ready to start taking your online presence to the next level? With endless customization options, WordPress has become a perfect platform for businesses who want to boost their online performance. In this blog post, we will explore some tips and tricks on using WordPress as a great resource for achieving success on social […]

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3 Different Ways to Add Videos to Your WordPress Site (and 3 Tips for Creating Them)

In today’s fast-paced digital world, incorporating engaging videos into your WordPress site can boost user interaction significantly. Videos excel at capturing attention and delivering information more effectively than plain text alone. Discover how to add video content through multiple avenues and best practices for creating appealing, clear, and concise videos that’ll keep your audience hooked, […]

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WordPress vs Webflow: Which is Better for Web Design?

WordPress and Webflow are two of the most popular platforms for creating websites. Both offer robust, customizable tools to help you create beautiful websites that work on any device. If you’re just starting out with web design or want to dip your toes into the world of HTML and CSS without investing in expensive software, […]

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Building A Financial Comparison Site Using WordPress – A Complete Guide

The market for comparing financial products is vast and growing, which means that if you are thinking of getting in on the act with your own comparison site, there’s still time to jump in and compete with the big boys. WordPress is a quick and easy platform to use to do just that, so what […]

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The Top 5 Less-Known Plugins for Online WordPress Payment, Compared in 2022

Do you wish to give your website users the option of seamless payments? Do you want to know the top WordPress plugin for just that? There are numerous WordPress payment plugins available. But not every plugin will meet your particular requirements. Ideally, you should use a plugin that provides you with easy access to a […]

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