How to design a landing page for Black Friday that converts

The most anticipated month for sale lovers is approaching, so learn how to design a landing page for Black Friday. If you want to boost your campaign for this day and increase your sales, you cannot ignore this marketing strategy, because it is one of the most effective.

Remember that landing pages are meant to convert visitors into leads. If you achieve that first goal, you can already guide him through the funnel and direct him towards the action you want. And what better way to attract new customers than with these popular discounts.

You have to plan your strategy very well to be successful on “Black Friday” this year. Keep in mind that you will face another reality of both the market and the consumer in which online sales will be the most demanded. And you have to be prepared for this coming panorama.


Importance of creating a landing page for Black Friday

You already know that landing pages generally seek to attract and convert leads. This is one of the great virtues it has, but not only for this date, but it is precisely its function. But, of course, it will be very useful to compliment your Black Friday campaigns.

However, if you are focused on designing a landing page for Black Friday, you have made a good decision. This is because not all companies incorporate it into their strategy, so you can take advantage of this to be in as many spaces as possible.

They are ideal to receive new customers and more on this day so desired by lovers of the November sales. It is important to note that the landing page will be a complement to your strategy, be it email marketing, website, and even social networks.

The idea is that your design speaks for itself, it is a special date and you have to refer to it. Remember the typical colors of this day (black, white and red) and use them on your page. Focus on “Black Friday”, keep in mind that these landing sites have only one objective.


Tips for designing a landing page for Black Friday

Now that you know how important landing pages are to this day, it’s time for you to learn how to create them. If you don’t know where to start, here are some recommendations for designing your landing page for Black Friday. So pay attention and take note:


1.- Be clear about your goals

Black Friday Landing Page

The first thing you should set are your goals, you have probably read it several times and this is because it is the basis of any strategy.

In this way, you will be clear about the purpose of launching your landing page. You are going to structure your planning based on what you want, which in this case is probably attracting more customers to increase your sales.


2.- Create a simple and precise message

The next step is to work on creating the content. Remember that what matters here is what you offer. Therefore, the message you write should be short and clear, capable of solving any doubts that the visitor may have. Keep in mind that you should focus on a single product or service and, in this case, on the offers.

For this reason, you have to create an engaging and persuasive message. For this, you must take care of the complete presentation of your discounts. You can focus on a certain line of products that will be included in these long-awaited November sales.

Put the fair and necessary information, such as a brief description of the product or features and its benefits. This is key because it is what the user is interested in. Ah! And of course the percentage of discount, so the consumer will not hesitate a second to click.


3.- Make a simple design

Landing Page Design

Apply the phrase “less is more”, so it is recommended to create a minimalist and effective design. Your goal is to convert the visitor, so avoid unnecessary distractions to keep the user experience simple. You have to use as few articles as possible that you normally have on your website.

This makes consumer’s focus on what you offer and take the action you determined in the landing. It is not necessary that you show all the products that you are going to offer on that day. Make the browsing experience easier for the user, this is not the most opportune time to ask them to register because their objective is to buy.

Use a minimalist design. To do this, you must use a dim background color, such as white. You can contrast it with the black letters and highlight the offer with red. Here the psychology of color is important. And for nothing in the world forget the call to action, because it is the way for the user to perform the action, remember that it must stand out from the other elements.

In case you want to use a form, ask for simple data (name and email). Also, remember that most consumers browse through their mobile devices, so you should work on responsive design.


4.-Prioritize fast charging

If you already work with web pages you should know how important it is to optimize the load. A person will not last more than 5 seconds waiting for a site to load, much less if it is a landing page for the Black Friday deals.

Currently, consumers have a very fast pace of life, they do not have time to lose. Also, keep in mind that they are limited discounts and nobody wants to be left without acquiring what they want so much. For this reason, it is essential that you comply with point three.

A simple design, without so many images (the ones you have must be optimized) or content overload, is the key. The fewer elements you have, the faster the load will be and the user will have a better browsing experience.


5.- Carry out load tests regularly

How to ensure that the previous point is being fulfilled? Simple, you have to carry out load tests with a certain frequency to ensure that for that long-awaited day everything works correctly.

To do this, you can use Google PageSpeed, this tool reveals how well a web page loads on desktop and laptop devices.

It is very important that you are always attentive to page load speeds, especially in a season as demanded as Black Friday. Always perform tests, even when you think everything is fine, check the sales statistics, if it decreases, it may be because users are not having a good experience.


6.- Clear call to action

CTA Black Friday

The most important and popular buttons are CTAs. When designing a landing page for Black Friday, they cannot be absent. These are the ones in charge of attracting the leads and encouraging them to take action. They are not a simple ornament and, therefore, it is essential that you know where to place them.

Does your page greet you with eye-catching hero images? If so, you can put a short description and call to action right there. This is an element that you do not have to hide, on the contrary, it should highlight, and the visitor must find it easily.

The action must be clearly stated, you have to get straight to the point. Remember that you must use bright colors but that harmonize with the rest of the theme. Also, a word or a short phrase that encourages the lead to a click.


7.- Highlight the benefits

This long-awaited day not only represents sales but also a lot of competition, all companies and brands lower their prices. So it is essential that in your landing you highlight to your buyers the benefits that you will provide on that date. For example, the main points of sale, products that you will discount, among others.

Keep a short but attractive story, persuade with your message. Evaluate the content of your competitors to make yours different and better, never copy the strategy of another, you have to be exclusive.


8.- Promote star products

Every business has one or more products that are preferred by customers but that are often not within their reach. This is the perfect opportunity to sell them at an irresistible price. In fact, if you have items alluding to the season or Christmas, it is the ideal time to offer them.

In addition, you can take advantage of this fabulous occasion to leave products in stock or less sold. It’s a matter of having good deals that attract buyers.


9.- Place special posters

Getting the attention of visitors is essential since the Black Friday weekend is one of the busiest commercial days. Keep in mind that consumers are in a rush to find everything they want at a good price.

So if you want the buyer to stop and look at your page, the best option is to use bold posters. In them, you can show gifts, offers and promotions. It’s a great strategy to get their attention and convert them.

Do you see it? Designing a landing page for Black Friday is not as difficult as you imagined. If you follow all those recommendations, you will not have a problem, but good results. This way you will gain new customers and increase your sales

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