10 Tips On Making Your WP Website Better

WordPress is one of the best platforms out there for people who want to create a professional presentation of themselves online. It looks good, offers plenty of options and features and you can use it in ann easy and simple way. However, you might want to make it even better – this is normal, people who own websites always crave more traffic and better things for their consumers.

So, how do you do that? How do you make your website better? Here are some of the great ways:

Make it mobile-friendly

Websites can no longer be just optimized for desktop. It takes much more work than that. People are consuming more and more content on their mobile devices and you need to follow the trend. Even Google has decided to put websites with responsiveness on the top of the search results. So, make sure that your website is optimized. WordPress offers a pretty good solution, but you can make it even better by customizing it a bit.

Keep it simple and zen

Don’t make it too crowded and full of distractions. This looks spammy and deteriorates your reputation. Websites nowadays need to be clear, with plenty of white space and that zen feeling. Choose a color palette, choose some nice images and so on. But, whatever you do, don’t make your website overcrowded.

Create an organized website structure

Make your navigation simple and easy to follow. Have some categories and posts within those categories. Make everything easy and simple to find as well. People get confused when they can’t find the main points of your website and this makes them leave.

Keep things uniform

If you want to have that perfect branding and be recognizable in the online universe, your website should have a simple color palette and font choice that appears on every page. So, you shouldn’t have one type of fonts and colors on one page and then a completely different set on the other page. Make sure that certain elements of your website repeat page after page so that your consumers can have that seamless experience.

Increase your loading speed

Nothing makes people give up on your website like the slow loading speed. Of course, some of it will be up to them – their internet connection speed and so on. But, some of it is up to you. Most people will know if their connection is excellent and if slow loading is your fault. It’s easy to check after all. So, your loading speed should be less than 3 seconds on all devices with optimum internet speed.

Use great images

Visuals are really important in the online world. People like them because they add clarity and improve the overall look of the content. You should make sure that you are using high quality images that are relevant to your website and the overall topic of your website.

Provide support through live chat

Live chat has recently become very popular in the online world. It allows for a simple and effective communication between you and your customers or readers. They can ask questions and you can provide answers quickly. Make sure it’s a quality live chat and that there is a person behind it all because it’s better not to have a live chat than to annoy people.


SSL makes your website secure. It turns the plain text that anyone who intercepts the connection can read into text that can’t be read by anyone else. This is powerful because it helps people feel more secure on your website and they will trust you more as well.

Prevent spam

You should make sure that all of the content on your pages is high quality. What this means is that you need to manually approve of the comments because some of them can be offensive, spammy and so on.

Make it readable

All of the content on your website needs to be readable. This means that you should make your text have a clear font on a background that makes it easy to read. You should also use formatting for your website.

These have been some of the best tips on making sure your website stays the best. There are many more days but these are the most important ones that will help you be the best in your niche.

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