5 Best Chatbot Plugins for WordPress in 2019

Chatbots are the future of customer service. They can respond to customers in seconds and pop up on your website to strike up a conversation, giving your company a friendly face and putting customers at ease instantly. If they have a problem, the chatbot can probably either help or direct them to a page which could help them, and if they have questions about your products or services then chatbots can probably help with this as well. But many businesses are offering chatbot plugins for your WordPress website, so which option is best? It all depends on your business and what you want out of a chatbot, so, without further ado, here are the top five most useful chatbot plugins for WordPress websites.

1. Facebook Messenger Chat

Although this option won’t actually use a Chatbot on your website, it is an option for your business and can be linked to from your WordPress site. Most people will have used or at least heard of Facebook messenger, since Facebook is a technology giant and its products are largely inescapable. Facebook Messenger Chat uses the format of a Facebook Messenger conversation to create a comfortable and familiar environment for the user, then combines that with the aspect of a chatbot being on the other side of the conversation. While this is clever and sometimes useful, it does mean that Facebook’s branding can sometimes overshadow yours, and the app isn’t actually integrated into your website, taking away some attention from your WordPress website, which isn’t what you want.

2. IBM Watson Assistant

This might be one of the most powerful WordPress chatbot plugins available to you, as it can perform the tasks required of a chatbot effortlessly – aiding users with navigation, answering questions and providing any information which the users might need. Also, it can be perfectly customized to fit with your website and your color scheme, among other design features, such as the location of the chatbot being changeable on your website. For when a human touch is needed, you can view the conversations which the chatbot has been having with customers as well, since conversations are all recorded and kept carefully for you to view if any problems or bugs do arise, which are unlikely with this excellent, sleek chatbot plugin.

3. Botsify

Botsify’s main attractive feature is how easy it is to use and set up. Although the program doesn’t use any artificial intelligence with its chatbot, it does allow you to combine the use of the program with other applications like Google Docs, where it can store data collected from customers. Designing the chatbot is made simple with a detailed start-up questionnaire, inquiring about the chatbot’s purpose and location, but actually fine-tuning the questions is a little more difficult. You’ll have to be aware of errors and prepared to put in a little bit of work for the learning curve with Botsify when it comes to input, but it does work as a basic chatbot creator.

4. Flow XO

Flow XO is not for anyone who wants a simple time creating their chatbot, but, of course, that means that the product you get on the other side is well worth all the effort put in to create it – and that could be quite a lot of effort. After setting up the chatbot on the builder’s website, you will then have to manually insert it into your WordPress website by editing the code of the website, whether that turns out to be page-by-page or by creating a widget and going from there. However, you won’t be alone if you try to conquer Flow XO: there is much documentation which the creators have written up for you, explaining many of the steps along the way, and you do end up with an intelligent chatbot which can even recall old conversations with the same user, which is a nice personal touch.

5. Landbot.io

This chatbot creator is free to use and very approachable for someone with a visual, not coding, mind. It uses blocks and laid-out plans of conversations to show you how the chatbot would run, and it allows you to customize nearly everything about the chatbot, from its avatar to the fonts it uses. Some of this depends on whether you’re willing to pay a little bit for the premium experience, but much of the program can be accessed without this, so Landbot.io functions well as a free, light-weight chatbot creator for a smaller or less serious WordPress website.

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