5 Simple Ways to Improve the User Experience on Your WordPress Website

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Love it or hate it, web design is integral to every web development project. Even if your code is elegant, you’re not going to convert users into sales if your layout makes them cringe. Fear not; there are plenty of choices you can make that will impress potential customers. In fact, these 5 design practices will make your website look incredible and give your business credibility.


Hire a Freelance Web Designer

Instead of creating a better user experience by yourself, you can hire a freelance web designer through platforms like Dormzi to help you create or customize a WordPress theme for you. If you’re going to hire a freelancer, check out Bonsai’s web design contract to ensure both you and the person you hire stays protected against any disagreements or legal issues. You can establish upfront the price, timeframe, and design of your website within this contract to make the process more smooth.


How to Improve User Experience on Your Website

To successfully run a business, you need to provide your customer with a fantastic experience, but that doesn’t start and end with greeting customers politely under the phone. You need to have an iron-clad user experience strategy to truly focus on your customers’ needs. Also, it is a good idea to regularly check for the latest UX and web development trends so your UX strategy aligns with the most recent industry trends.


1. Have a Clear Call to Action on Every Page

A call to action (CTA) is essential for converting leads into customers, so be sure to add a link, button, or form to help them take the next step. Don’t just use the same call to action on every piece of content because it may not be appropriate. Instead, use a unique CTA for most of your content unless it overlaps. Place them at the beginning, middle, sides, and end of a blog post in different forms to entice users to learn more about your business.


2. Choose an Inoffensive Color and Font Scheme

If your brand already has colors and fonts associated with it, this will be an easy task. Businesses that are still branding need to make design choices that will reduce bounce rates. For example, a white background with black text may be boring, but it’s simple, easy to read, and clean. For fonts, stick to anything that doesn’t strain the eyes to read and always avoid cursive writing as the demographic who can read it is getting smaller by the day.


3. Keep Mobile and Tablet Users in Mind

Over 50% of Internet users search the web with their phone or tablet, so if you don’t have a mobile equivalent, you’re potentially losing half your audience. WordPress has a function that lets you look at your website on mobile, which can help you ensure your font size is large enough to read on a smaller screen. Be sure to include a mobile menu and keep one primary focus for each page, or your users won’t be able to see everything on the screen.


4. Compress Your Images

A slow website will make your users jump ship immediately, as bounce rates increase by 50% if a webpage takes two extra seconds to load. The most common reason your website runs slowly is because the size of your images are too large, but this is easily fixable by compressing them. Most webmasters recommend that an image should be between 1500 and 2500 pixels wide, either a JPEG or a PNG, and shouldn’t be more than 500KB in file size to load faster.


5. Eliminate Extra Data

Your website could be holding extra data without realizing it, and that could make your homepage screech to a halt. WordPress sites are notorious for their poorly written code and heavy plugins that bog your site down, so do a quick sweep of all the technical aspects of your site to see if you can remove them. You may also have an inadequate web hosting server, too many embedded videos, or too many external scripts that are unusable.

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