5 WordPress Plugins to Create High Converting Landing Pages


There are great WordPress plugins available to create landing pages on your website.

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Driving traffic to your website takes a lot of time and hard work. It can be frustrating when visitors leave your website without signing up for your product or subscribing to your newsletters.

Whether you attract visitors through a PPC ad, or an email campaign, you need to have high converting landing pages that persuade them to sign up for your product or service, or join your mailing list.

Luckily there are some amazing WordPress plugins that can help you do it. Here are 5 WordPress plugins that enable you to create high converting landing pages for your blog or website.

1. OptimizePress 2.0

OptimizePress is a great WordPress Plugin that allows you to create landing pages, sales pages as well as membership portals for your business, using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The landing pages are responsive and adapt well to any device.

OptimizePress offers a wide range of out-of-the-box components that help you design landing pages without any technical knowledge or coding. It provides a visual editor that enables you to see a live preview of all the changes you make to your landing pages.

It is available both as a plugin as well as a theme. If you already have a blog theme up and running, you can add it as a plugin.

OptimizePress also has add-ons to help you build a mailing list by collecting email addresses and integrating with leading Email marketing platforms like MailChimp.

It’s priced at $97 for core package, $197 for publisher package and $297 for pro package.

2. Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages is another awesome WordPress Plugin that enables you to quickly create landing pages for your blog or website, without any coding. In fact, they claim to be the fastest landing page builder plugin for WordPress.

It comes with more than 170 beautifully designed and conversion focused landing page templates. You can easily build a home page, or modify your existing layout by adding columns, horizontal opt-in forms, a gallery of your blog posts, social sharing icons and more.

Here’s the best part. Most landing page plugins only help you with the design and leave the content creation to you. With Thrive, you don’t have to worry about writing attractive page copy. It provides tutorialized templates that make copywriting as easy as ‘fill in the blanks’.

Thrive even provides robust performance analytics capabilities that allow you to track and optimize the conversion rates of your landing pages. It even allows you to run split tests on landing page variations.

It focuses on generating fast loading pages by optimizing their code for speed, which is useful considering the fact that Google penalizes slow loading sites.

Thrive provides tons of conversion focused page elements such as highly customizable CTA buttons, testimonials, countdown timers, lead generation forms that integrate with popular email marketing tools. It even allows you to create landing pages on Facebook.

It’s priced at $67 for single license, $97 for 5 license pack and $147 for 15 license pack.

3. WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages plugin is a great free plugin focused on helping you grow your mailing list. Like the previous plugins, it also provides a visual editor that allows you to building landing pages using a drag & drop interface, and provides a live preview as you make changes to them.

It offers tons of free landing page templates and even allows you to build one from scratch. You can even integrate with many free add-ons such as WordPress Call To Action and WordPress Leads.

It also provides detailed conversion statistics for your landing pages, making it easy to optimize them. You can also run A/B tests and multivariate tests on variations of your page to identify the best one.

Landing Pages plugin also has a couple of nifty features such as the ability to clone your landing pages as well as pre-populate forms with visitor information to increase conversion rates.

Although it’s available for free, if you want to integrate with your email marketing solution, you’ll need to purchase the premium add-ons.

4. Instabuilder 2.0

Instabuilder 2.0 is an intuitive and easy-to-use landing page builder that enables you to create mobile-friendly, responsive landing pages using more than 100 professionally designed templates that are optimized for speed.

It provides a variety of design elements such as text, images, videos, columns, tabs, buttons and more, that you can add or edit with just a click. It even offers some special features such as lockable content and opt-in firewalls, that you can use to block specific pages or all of them.

Instabuilder also provides an in-built image editor as well as a graphics pack to design image-intensive landing pages.

Like other plugins, Instabuilder also has a robust performance analytics module that allows you to monitor and improve the conversion rates of your landing pages.

It’s priced at $77 for single website license, $97 for multi-site license and $197 for developer license.

5. Seedprod

SeedProd is an interesting wordpress plugins that allows you to build ‘coming soon’ landing pages for upcoming websites and products. It also provides pre-designed templates that you can use if your site is down or in maintenance mode.

It’s designed to help you collect leads even while your site is under construction, or before your launch your product. So it supports integration with leading email marketing platforms.

You can also add social sharing icons to your landing pages, to spread the word about your website, or add a countdown timer to your pages to build anticipation before launch.

It’s a handy plugin priced at $29 for personal license and $49 for developer license.


How to know which one is the best landing page plugin for you?

If you’re looking for speed, that is, fast loading pages that you can build in minutes, then go for Thrive landing pages. You can quickly build landing pages that are optimized to load fast.

If you need a free landing page plugin, then try out WordPress Landing Pages first.

If you’re looking to grow your email list, then check out OptimizePress.

The key is to evaluate each of the above plugins and pick the one that fits your requirements – whether it’s ease of use, responsiveness, beautiful templates, drag & drop UI, list building capabilities or powerful analytics.

Author Bio:

For more than 8 years, Sreeram Sreenivasan has worked with various Fortune 500 Companies in areas of Business Intelligence, Sales & Marketing Strategy. He regularly writes at Fedingo about a wide range of business growth & marketing topics. He’s also the Founder & CEO of Ubiq BI, a cloud-based BI Platform for SMBs & Enterprises.

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/sreeram-sreenivasan-7336466/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/qoolean

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