9 Proven Alternatives to Grammarly to Edit Your WordPress Articles

Nothing turns off a reader more than poor spelling or grammar within your content. One great tool that many people use to edit their WordPress articles is Grammarly. Although this service is effective and catches many errors, it is not a service that everyone can afford.

Grammar checkers are an important component of the content creation process. Even professional writers require editors to ensure their content is crafted properly. Of course, many students ask themselves: “should I use grammar checkers for my essay?” It is much easier to use a grammar checker to ensure high-quality content than traditional methods, such as reading your content out loud after writing it.

If you’re looking for a service or app like Grammarly, here are the best options available right now:

#1. Online Correction

This free program will analyze your content and list out any spelling or grammatical errors it detects. It offers alternative words, highlights repetitive content, and offers different colors to highlight specific mistakes.

It is simple and easy to use. It does not, however, analyze formal forms of English. It struggles to catch certain errors, such as dangling participles, which could still turn some readers away from your content.

#2. Pro Writing Aid

This program offers a premium version and a free option. It installs directly into your browser or incorporated into WordPress – or your word processor. What makes this option stand out is how it analyzes your writing voice. It can hunt down vague wording or overlong long sentences. It also recognizes the passive voice and adverb dependence.

In total, the premium version offers 25 different reports that makes editing easier. The $175 lifetime option is the best value outside of the free version.

#3. Ginger

Ginger installs with WordPress to analyze your writing as you type. That makes it easier to edit on-the-go if that is your preference. It will also translate your content into 40 different languages with a reasonable accuracy level.

There is a free version and a premium version of this Grammarly alternative. Pricing for the premium version is $7.49 per month, which is about $48 cheaper over the course of a year.

#4. White Smoke

The primary benefit of this program is the included writing templates. It makes formatting WordPress content into specific items much easier. It only checks 16 areas of grammar, however, so it can miss several errors. It does do a better job of finding dangling participles than Online Correction.

This Grammarly option will also point out potential plagiarism issues for you, starting around $7 per month.

#5. JetPack

This free WordPress plugin has been growing in popularity lately because it will provide content analytics in addition to basic editing services. You can enable all the proofreading options that are included or focus on specific areas of your writing. One particularly useful option includes phrases to avoid.

The simplicity of this tool holds it back from being a full-service editor. It can also struggle when spellchecking.

#6. Slick Write

If your writing struggles in the readability department, then this Grammarly alternative is worth a closer look. It offers high levels of customization and provides a comparable analysis of your writing to improve your voice. You receive statistics on your words, phrases, or specific keywords you may wish to have for marketing purposes.

It is currently free and one of the few services that specifically states your content will not be redistributed after submission. Extensions are available for Firefox or Chrome.

#7. Hemingway Editor

This browser-based editor is free. It offers 5 editing options, color-coding detected errors for you. Copy-and-paste the content into the app to receive an instant analysis of your writing quality. It will provide a grade-based readability score, word count, and a reading time estimate.

For example: this content was rated at Grade 8.

The one issue there is with this app is that it can freeze your browser, especially if you’re trying to evaluate subheadings. It may take several attempts to receive a full analysis, which eliminates the editing time savings some writers want when publishing with WordPress.

#8. Reverso

This free option offers an integrated dictionary and a synonyms option that is quite accurate. It offers multiple language supports as well. There are some natural limitations built into this web-based tool.

It will only check 600 characters for you, which means long documents are nearly impossible to check. It will also miss spelling words if you use uncommon terms in your writing.

#9. 1Checker

This Grammarly alternative is free and feels a lot like the free version of Grammarly when using it. It does a good job of detecting basic mistakes, such as structural or spelling errors. It works using natural language processing systems, which makes it easier to think about the structure of your writing over time.

If you need advanced editing for your WordPress publishing, this option is not it. It offers an online version and an installed version.

There are other Grammarly alternatives available beyond this list. These are the options which proved to be the most reliable.

With better grammar and spelling, your content will be received with consistent positivity by your readers. Over time, that can lead to a bigger network, more clicks, and a higher conversion rate.

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  1. Jessica on March 2, 2020

    I am using Grammarly from last 2 years, but I didn’t know that jetpack also provides proofreading options. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. James on September 29, 2018

    Thanks a lot for this amazing list. Will surely try these tools.

  3. Falafel on August 12, 2018

    and there’s Grammar.com of course!


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