Beautiful And Simple WordPress Themes For Bloggers

Let’s have a look at the best WordPress themes for bloggers.


WordPress is awesome because it has provided both the solutions and customization problems of websites.

One way to customize your website is to make use of themes. What this theme basically does is to change your website’s design and also the layout. Using a theme often change the look and feel of your blog at the front-end. Your theme may have various layouts ranging from your site being responsive or static. Your theme is also responsible for how your contents are being displayed on your web page.

Elements such as videos and photos can also be included in your themes. An advanced community of WordPress development has emerged, which has resulted to the various creation of many themes and plugins that will aid the success of any WordPress site. Below are some WordPress themes that can greatly enhance your website.


Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers

Here is a list of the best WordPress themes for blogs:

1. Divi

If your goal is to design a professional website on WordPress as a blogger, then you don’t need to look any further than using Divi.

This WordPress theme gets in to your blog and does its job and then pave way for you. It has make availability all the necessary tools, that allows users to craft and organise their website just the way they want so they can publish their unique content. You don’t need to be a computer geek or to have a programming degree to be able to use Divi theme. This is in fact one of the most user-friendly and accessible items in WordPress.

Depending on the language your site is written, you my want your site to appeal to foreign visitors. Divi has a translatable function that can target other demographics. This makes your site to be available in over 30 languages, and it also supports right to left (RTL) writing for languages like Hebrew and Japanese. Divi gives users access to its 18 pre-installed design site layouts. By using any of these layouts, users can upload or make blog posts immediately without the worry of site construction. However, for users that want more personalization on their site, there is a building tool in Divi available for them. This building tool enables them to manipulate the blocks of the site, making content organization to be easier. This theme has responsive layouts and various typography settings.


2. CheerUp

CheerUp is a responsive and clean magazine site and WordPress blogs theme.

CheerUp is known for its framework’s flexibility for building modern magazine sites. With the help of CheerUp, anyone even without much experience can achieve a professional quality magazine website. CheerUp has given a solid solution to every magazine in the market and niche. Magazines are spruced up with just a few clicks of some creative widgets and cool design style. CheerUp has been made impressively flexible with its numerous admin options.

With CheerUp you are allowed to create attractive food, tech, and fashion magazines with its dedicated demos. Users can express themselves with clarity and eloquence with the help of the awesome typographical kits offered by CheerUp. CheerUp is more efficient and loads fast on a very good performance platform. CheerUp also helps users to reduce server cost and to reach wider audience. It also has unique footers, headers, and sliders that packages the content of your site in a memorable presentation. CheerUp is mobile friendly and also responsive.

To step up your magazine website, CheerUp is the theme to use.


3. Gillion

Gillion is a minimalist and simple blogging theme that is suitable for any kind of website.

Gillion is a theme that pretty much allows users to customise it to meet their needs, and it’s also bendy. This theme has a function that allows users to effortlessly alter the color of any section of their site without go it to the site’s codes to touch anything.

Gillion theme has a lot of Google Fonts in it that users can use to brand their statements effectively for their readers or site visitors. This theme offers users a variety of multiple layout settings. It also allows users to create some nice looking sliders. There is also quick support for users that are having issues with the installation of this theme. If you are having any problems, write to the support forum and they’ll respond to your query.


4. Typology

Typology is a theme in WordPress development that is made for text based and text writing purposes.

It is the best theme for websites looking for absolute focus on text and minimalist design. The aim of typology is to restore the importance and value of text itself instead of prioritize images. It also has the best features for typography and fonts when you purchase it. Typology allows users to customise their homepage with several posting layouts. Users can give smaller or bigger relevance to their post by controlling the font sizes and display.

The design layout has unlimited number of iconography and color options. This theme is responsive and adaptable to all screen sizes. It also has a lot header options and custom widgets to play around with. Typology also supports right to left write up, and also an inbuilt translator. It gives readers the feel of being inside a book. It supports post organization and pagination. This theme is most suitable for WordPress web development website that is focused on information that has nothing to do with pictures. Constant documentation and updates are usually released for this theme. If you have any problem with this them, you can also get a custom support. So start your beautiful and creative writing with one click from this amazing theme.


5. Javelin

Javelin is a sleek, robust, and reliable and responsive WordPress multipurpose blogger theme.

Javelin is the best theme for people that want to establish or make know the presence of their projects online. Whether you are a personal blogger, business owner, or a professional freelancer, there is something for everyone in Javelin. Javelin has a lot of widgets and convenient shortcodes. And these widgets and shortcodes and be easily applied to any part of your website without touching the code of the site. It also has some integrated and intuitive builder tool that allows users to drag ad drop contents on the Web page. Users can create smooth and unique slideshows with the Revolution Slider function the theme has installed in it. Javelin helps you to use attractive presentation to show off and entertain your audience with your content. Javelin also has load of pre-designed layout styles. It has ten portfolios layouts, six blog layouts, and a lot of gallery styles users can play around with. Users will always have their content displayed in the most adorable presentation posse. Javelin also has some cool features such as parallax background sections and video background sections. Your page can instantly be lightened up by these features. This theme is as well known to be suitable for running online shop.


We also recommend checking Blogging Theme Styles for modern, blogging themes.

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    1. Samantha on May 6, 2018

      Nice collection.
      Do you know Phlox? I am using it on my blog. It is pretty awesome. You can add it to your list if you want.

    2. Jayaraj Chanku on March 1, 2018

      Hi Kenneth,
      Excellent list of beautiful themes. My favorite is Gillion and I’m very much confident while I’m using this in my blog, it also aids in loading the content faster I think. Here you presented the best ever collection of word-press themes.Thanks for sharing.

    3. Michael Amaral on February 20, 2018

      Thanks for sharing such a great stuff. All themes are very good.
      I want to suggest you one more simple and easy to use responsive free blogging WordPress theme which is Mine. It uses the Twitter Bootstrap framework and Font Awesome icons. This theme supports localization and RTL. Check it’s features here :


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