How to Start Your Own WordPress Site on a Budget

If the answer to the question about the need for a personal website is very clear, then there is still one more question that will require an answer. How to combine the maximum of useful functions with the minimal WordPress cost, and where to get the budget for the website creation?

In this article, we offer you real-life tips on how to save money by creating a website on WordPress and advertising it yourself.

Learn WordPress Basics for Free

Here is the best thing to know about WordPress. It is ideal for advanced programmers as well as those who do not have technical skills. In addition, the answers to all the questions that may arise when creating a relatively simple site have long been freely available in the form of guides and video tutorials. The most common question is how to create a WordPress website but you will definitely be able to find more complex questions with detailed answers. Learn this information yourself, to significantly save on the development work.

Save on Domain and Hosting with Tribulant

The next question is how to save on a domain and hosting. If, for example, you decide to create a site using specialized designers like Wix, you would get a domain and hosting after paying for a tariff plan. But, in the case of WordPress, you have to think about it yourself.

The best way to avoid the extra cost is to do an all-inclusive purchase and get a domain and hosting from us at Tribulant, starting from $9.90 per month for hosting. Agree, this figure is just ridiculous, and you won’t even feel that you spent at least some money.

Choose the Right Theme

WordPress offers a huge number of themes in a wide variety of price categories. If your task is to create a decent website with a minimum budget, obviously this will be superfluous to overpay for an expensive template. It is much more reasonable to return to one of the previous paragraphs in which we said that you can learn everything about WordPress yourself and for free, and think about how you can customize your favorite theme according to the needs of your target audience.

Try to Create Graphics and Content Independently

Graphics and content are another significant cost item when developing your own site. The services of designers and copywriters are not too cheap, but there is also good news – it is very likely that you can cope with this task yourself.

For example, to create a unique design, you do not have to invest money at all. It is enough to use Canva. This tool is free, and its possibilities are endless. With it, you can create graphics for blog posts, promotional materials, develop banners for contextual advertising and social media ads, create graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and much more. All this is done with the help of built-in functionality and intuitive tips.

As for textual content, everything is a bit more complicated here, however, this task is also quite feasible. In fact, who else can write about your business better than you? And if you are creating a blog site, then the question of creating content is just not relevant – you and only you should be its author. In addition, here are some tips for improving your texts.

Some of these programs are absolutely free, and some have an inexpensive but very effective premium version for better results.

Start Promoting Your Website from Social Media

Social networks are one of the most effective, as well as one of the cheapest methods to popularize your web resource. It is absolutely realistic to do advertising even for free, provided that your content is interesting to users, and you use the hashtags correctly, but more on that in the next paragraph.

Even if you use paid opportunities for promotion, for example, the cost of advertising on Facebook starts with one dollar. At the same time, you get cool opportunities for segmenting the target audience, developing test advertising campaigns and analytics. In any case, social networks are the best place to start interacting with the target audience, test their readiness to communicate with you, learn more about their expectations and assumptions, and begin to develop more advanced marketing strategies based on these results.

Combine the Best Practices for SEO and Hashtag Marketing

Since we started a conversation about saving money on creating a WordPress site, it also makes sense to immediately think about how you will promote it in the search and find ways to do it for less money but with the same good result. And the first thing to do is make sure that you create a site that will be SEO friendly.

The best thing to know about SEO is that it works while you relax. It is enough to think over once all the pages that you want to optimize constantly so that then everything will work automatically, and the site will rise to the top due to valuable content.

To do this, at the stage of creation, you need to carefully think over the map of your site, draw a clear structure, think about how your pages will be interconnected, and assemble a semantic core for the site as a whole and each page separately.

Further, it makes sense to create SEO optimized content for each of the pages. Use one more additional hint. When you find the most relevant keywords, you can also use them as hashtags for your posts on social networks. If users use certain words when searching in Google, then most likely they will use the same phrases when searching on a social network. The semantic core can be collected for free or almost free, and you can use the corresponding hashtags as long as you need it.


As you can see, it is absolutely realistic to create a WordPress site with minimal investment. The main thing is to immediately understand where you can save, and where it is still better to pay a little. In this article, we have given you the maximum of useful tips that will allow you to start your website without large investments, as well as launch advertising and marketing companies, using the free features of modern technology.

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