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The quest to get ways of boosting conversions is never-ending. Imagine finding a method that would put your customers to work. We refer to customer reviews and ratings as the key in providing social proof to customers about your products.

Reviews make customers more eager to purchase your products and services. It is also among the best methods to get the word out about your brand. So, we see it essential to reveal to you some of the top WordPress review plugins.


Reasons You Would Want to Put Reviews on Your WordPress Site

The importance of reviews for customers majorly depends on what kind of business one is running. For instance, stores for online clothing may want customer reviews to appear underneath every product on the website. A business like a local hardware store, on the other hand, may need to share Google Reviews and reveal to other customers where to upload the reviews.


Keep reading to discover some of the common advantages that all firms ought to know:


Reviews offer free advertisement opportunities. 

Your customers can spread the word regarding your company through reviews. The operation is possible with both Google Reviews and product pages. Recent research data from Spiegel Research Center shows that around 90% of customers read online reviews before buying a product while shopping.


Reviews allow you to receive customer feedback, hence forming a relationship. 

Updating information about your business is of great benefit. Some reviews will provide you with valuable information that you can use to make changes in your industry. You are most likely to boost the relationship between you and the customers when you reply to their reviews (both positive and negative ones). Thus, increasing your reputation in the market.


Social proof. 

According to research, most customers buy products and services they see their friends or other people purchase and approve. Reviews provide an interface where the information can circulate and reach many individuals.


SEO improvement. 

Google can show great snippets from where one can get interactive visuals within the search results. Google often favors such kinds of rich snippets. It is thus worth stating that you will achieve star ratings in your search engine listing.


Achievement of 100% transparency. 

Information is often left out on websites. Having online reviews will help fill the empty spaces with the correct information. A good example is a case where some specs are missing on your product description, but luckily a kind customer mentions it in one of the reviews.


What a Perfect WordPress Review Plugin Should Have

Some similar features are standard for all the plugins. However, some plugins function differently. You need to look for the following key components in a plugin of your choice.

  • Capability to set the online reviews on your website and give a platform to let customers write their reviews.
  • A good plugin should have a system for rating, for example, thumbs up/down or stars.
  • It should allow you to upload additional visual content like videos or pictures.
  • An inspection feature that would allow you to see good or bad reviews first.
  • Search section to let customers get keywords in some reviews.
  • The dashboard to be clear to allow for viewing and moderation of comments coming in.
  • A feature that allows for aggregation of your online reviews from other places such as Yelp and Google.
  • Ability to integrate with WooCommerce plugin, which is excellent in finding reviews on each product.
  • Should allow you to display reviews in several formats on your website, together with widgets and shortcodes.
  • Options to customize review fields. For example, most firms like having an area for Pros and Cons.


Top WordPress Review Plugins

We hope this helps clarify the reasons for having customer reviews. Continue reading the article to discover some of our best WordPress review plugins.


1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer reviews are often present in online stores. If you are using WooCommerce and you want an appealing review section, then Customer Reviews for WooCommerce is a great choice for you.

Benefits of Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

  • It has a free version which has impressive features that are important for most businesses. The features include Review reminders, trust badges, and the possibility to do review imports.
  • Real shoppers can write reviews because of the authentication of all reviews.
  • Provides options for accepting content such as pictures and videos from customers.
  • It filters all reviews based on ratings as well as some other criteria.


2. Starfish Reviews

Starfish Reviews is a plugin that enables you to increase your reviews on Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and any other third-party platform for reviews.

Its free version is minimal on In the case of a business plan with many features like five funnels, full support, and one-site installation, you need $47.88 to start.

Benefits of Starfish Reviews

  • Having a familiar WP interface makes it easy for setup and configuration.
  • Ability to share one link with everybody for reviews.
  • Works together with platforms for email marketing.
  • Can embed funnels or posts using the shortcodes.


3. WP Customer Reviews

If you are looking for a plugin that would enable you to accept reviews anywhere on your website, then the WP Customer Reviews plugin is a better option for you. The project is open source, meaning that the developers only receive money from donations. It has two ways for operation. You can either add reviews for individual product pages or combine all the customer reviews about your business.


Benefits of WP Customer Reviews

  • It is among the cleanest plugins to work with.
  • You can put reviews on many areas of your website because of the shortcodes.
  • The WordPress dashboard moderates all the submissions.


Other WordPress Review plugins include:

  1. Google Review Widget
  2. Site Reviews
  3. WP Product Review
  4. WP Business Reviews
  5. Reviewer WordPress Plugin
  6. Taqyeem
  7. Schema- All In One Schema Rich Snippets



The above review plugins for WordPress are the leading customer reviews plugins everyone should consider installing on their websites. Sure enough, it is worth noting that some of the aforementioned review plugins have a specific registration process similar to that of an online business, which is easy to follow for all business individuals. The current world is a world of technology and computerization of processes and operations, so we should consider taking the lead in technological advancements. It would be beneficial to consider selecting any of the above review plugins to enjoy the key benefits highlighted at the beginning of this article.

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