Which WordPress Theme Is Best For eCommerce?


  1. Introduction
  2. Why Is Woostroid A Great Option For a Winning Online Presence?
  3. How Can Woostroid Accommodate for the Needs of Different Industries?
  4. Will I Be Able to Work with Woostroid If I’m a Newbie with No Coding Skills?
  5. Is Woostroid Mobile Shopping Friendly?
  6. How Many eCommerce Plugins Does Woostroid Support?
  7. Does Woostroid Offer Some Pre-built Plugins to Enhance Your Website?
  8. Are There Any Woostroid Alternatives in the Market?
  9. Wrapping Up

Want to create a feature-rich and user-friendly online store, but don’t want to spend ages customizing it? Many people do. However, not everyone can find the right solution for building such a store.

To help you find the most feature-rich and comprehensive theme to run an e-store with WordPress, we’ve looked through the recent WooCommerce themes. And here is what we found:

If we had to single out just one WordPress theme that’s best for eCommerce, we’d pick the flagship Woostroid template.

Wonder why?

Woostroid is a flagship multipurpose WooCommerce theme that’s just super-charged with all the essentials needed for effective creation and launch of your e-commerce website. This template is designed to build a functional and user-friendly shop with ease and level up the shopping experience on your website.

Why Is Woostroid A Great Option For a Winning Online Presence?

Woostroid reflects on major web design trends of 2019. Its design is user-centered: the template ensures good readability on different devices and provides for the convenient shopping experience. Your customers will be able to choose payment and delivery methods that fit them best.

Moreover, the theme is equipped with smart CTA buttons and trust signal that will ensure reaching a high conversion rate with your website.

How Can Woostroid Accommodate for the Needs of Different Industries?

Woostroid is a multipurpose template. This means it will be suitable for stores of different kinds and with different needs. How can this be achieved?

Woostroid offers you not just a single e-store design to start with, but a ready-made collection of 10 e-store designs for different branches of industry. So, let’s see what the e-stores you can easily jumpstart with Woostroid are:

  • Clothes store;
  • Tools store;
  • Jewelry store (2 design variations);
  • Lingerie store;
  • Handmade Items Store;
  • Electronics Store;
  • Online Marketplace;
  • Kids Store;
  • Cosmetics Store.

Will I Be Able to Work with Woostroid If I’m a Newbie with No Coding Skills?

Fortunately, you will! Many people are in the same boat with you. That’s why Woostroid incorporates the pre-built WYSIWYG Elementor builder.

This builder allows you to create, resize and reshuffle website blocks and elements without having to adjust complex settings or edit the coding directly. Within the editor, you get access to different kinds of pre-built blocks (i.e. ‘block templates’) that you can use as the basis for different kinds of website content.

Most excitingly, with Woostroid, you get not only the Elementor, but a number of premium Jet plugins that enrich your visual customization experience. For example, you’ll get the JetWooBuilder that lets you create products, catalogs and product categories in visual mode. Moreover, the JetMenu plugin lets you create MegaMenus in the twinkling of an eye, etc.

Is Woostroid Mobile Shopping Friendly?

With Woostroid, you can make your store handy for all shoppers on the go.

Woostroid responsiveness has been carefully tested and is literally flawless. Here, we’re talking not only in terms of design, but also in terms of mobile shopping experience. The shopping process on mobile is highly convenient and polished-to-perfection.

Moreover, Woostroid is Retina-ready. So, upload images in 4K resolution and let your website users see the finest details of your products.

How Many eCommerce Plugins Does Woostroid Support?

In fact, Woostroid supports not one but two e-commerce plugins. So, you can run the store not only with WooCommerce, but also with Ecwid, a simple shopping cart solution that lets you run your e-store on the fly.

Ecwid supports multiple currencies, 40 international payment options, real-time shipping integration and 50 languages. Moreover, Ecwid offers supreme security, the level of which equals the security of online banks.

Does Woostroid Offer Some Pre-built Plugins to Enhance Your Website?

Woostroid theme is empowered by a number of prebuilt plugins that you get absolutely free. Some of them boost shopping and browsing experience on your website, others provide for ease of customization. Let’s see some of the major plugins the theme’s got:

  • Elementor Website Builder.
  • JetElements, JetMenu and JetWooBuilder.
  • TM WooCommerce Ajax Filters. This plugin lets you power a sound system of product filtering on your website. The filtering results are displayed immediately without reloading the page.
  • TM WooCommerce Compare & Wishlist. This plugin provides your e-store with such conversion boosting features as ‘Compare’ and ‘Wishlist’.
  • Power Builder. This is an alternative visual website editor that you can use instead of the Elementor.
  • TM Timeline lets you create an interactive timeline of your business development to make the ‘About Us’ section more engaging.
  • Cherry Team Members plugin lets you beautify the ‘Our Team’ section with ease.
  • WooCommerce Social Media Share Buttons. Let your products go viral in social networks and increase sales with this incredible plugin.
  • WooCommerce Quick View. This plugin lets you create the appealing product previews that include all the necessary product details.
  • Cherry Search and Cherry Sidebars.
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher and more.

Are There Any Woostroid Alternatives in the Market?

If you just need a good modern design for your store, you might be interested in checking out these free items:

Max – Free Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Max is an ultra-trendy free template that makes for a great clothing store online presence. Although this template has just one skin, it still delivers you as much as 10 ready-made Homepage alternatives, which is just exciting. Moreover, the theme has the sound social integration options, an attractive Instagram feed widget, different Navigation styles and even more to discover.

Shopper Free WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Shopper is a free WooCommerce theme with the attractive minimalist design and trendy typography on board. This theme has just one skin and homepage design. So, if you like the preview, you’re good to go with it. There isn’t much to uncover there on top of the first-rate design.

Wrapping Up

Woostroid is a great solution for creating a top-notch user-friendly store. The rich functionality of the template is powered by a number of prebuilt plugins that you get free. Such functionality takes user experience on your website up a notch. Moreover, the theme is simple to manage and run an e-store with!

If you need another theme for your business, I advise you to look at travel themes for WordPress.

Stay tuned!

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