Why is your First Startup Worth Starting on WordPress

Everyone tells you that making yourself stand out is key in forming a good impression on potential customers—but how do you make that happen in a comfortable and budget-friendly way? Knowing how to present your product online is one of the biggest challenges for a startup in today’s sea of websites.

This article will explain why WordPress is an excellent option for young startups looking for a cost-efficient and easy to manage solution for setting up your online presence. When developing your website, remember to summarize the content you want to explain to your customer and draft an outline with topics and subthemes. Utilizing an essay outline template can be a great way of organizing your thoughts. More about the essay outline, you can read here.

So, What Makes WordPress so Special?

It’s cheap. WordPress is an inexpensive platform that offers users its essential services completely free of charge. The low-cost option is a saving grace for startups wanting to focus their spending on product development and design. With WordPress, all you need to budget for is the one-off fee for the website theme, as well as the hosting and web domain costs. When compared to other competitors such as WIX, WordPress comes out on top as the most bang for your buck.

It’s simple. Beginning a startup is all about focusing on making sure that your product is the best that it can be. It’s a phrase meant for taking in customer feedback and making changes—not for website building. That’s what gives WordPress the upper hand, and it has all the tools to help you make a stylish and workable website quickly. Later, when time permits, you will be able to customize your site further to help meet changing needs.

It’s attractive. What’s more, is that this budget-friendly option doesn’t skimp on quality. WordPress offers a large variety of designs that have been crafted by a team of expert web designers with an emphasis on user experience. That means you have a lovely, easy to use the website without having to do one bit of coding.

It has a community. You won’t be alone given the massive user-base that WordPress has. Many startups and businesses understand the advantages of starting with WordPress, meaning that the internet has a ton of tutorials, guides, and books to help get you going. The countless WordPress forums are there to help people like you find natural solutions for making your website the best it can be.

It’s scalable. Scalability means that you won’t be charged more once your website starts receiving higher viewer traffic. WordPress has carefully designed its platform to help meet the changing needs of startups as they begin to expand.

It’s flexible. WordPress is designed to accommodate the needs of a large variety of company types and business models. Whatever your startup is, WordPress has options to help make creating a useful website easy. With options like the WordPress compatible WooComerce, you can make an attractive online shop directly integrated into your website design.  WordPress also comes with the added advantage of rolling many services into one including;

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Freshbooks
  • Xero
  • Hubspot

Final Thoughts

The takeaway? WordPress is a simple and cost-effective solution that helps you produce a stunning website quickly. Its flexibility makes adjusting to rapid changes easy, a significant advantage to the young and growing startup.

Late nights of coding are replaced with sleek and easy to change themes backed by a large (and growing) community that’s there to help you learn how to make the most of your WordPress website.

So, how will WordPress help to make your next startup become a reality?

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