We have released an Wholesale extension for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.


1. Make sure you have WordPress and the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installed.

2. Purchase the Wholesale extension and then download it from your downloads management section in ZIP format.

3. Extract the ZIP archive to obtain the checkout-coupons folder

4. Upload the checkout-wholesale folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory in your WordPress installation.

5. To to the “Plugins” page in your WordPress dashboard to see Checkout – Wholesale listed where you can click the “Activate” link to activate it.

Different Pricing

Add a different price for different user roles per product. When a user is registered as a customer you can set it that they pay a certain amount and another user registered as contributor/ administrator pay another amount for the product. It makes the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin flexible in a way to set different prices per product per role.

Checkout > Products> Add New Product > Product Settings

Wholesale Pricing

Different Tax Rates

Override tax rates per user role.
This will override any other tax configurations completely for each role respectively.
Specify zero (0) to make tax exempt for a specific user role.
If you leave a tax rate empty below, it will fall back to the default tax configuration.

Checkout > Extensions > Wholesale > Settings 

Wholesale Overite Tax

Payments Methods Override

Override payment methods per user role by selecting the checkboxes next to each user.


Shipping Methods Override

Override shipping methods per user role by selecting the checkboxes next to each user.


 Release Notes

  • 1.1 - August 14, 2015

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