Newsletter: Manage Snippets

click to enlarge 1. Add a New Snippet Clicking this button will take you to ‘Save a Snippet’ where you can create a new email snippet. New snippets added will show up on this ‘Manage Snippets’ page after they are added. 2. Bulk Actions These bulk actions allow you to select multiple snippet records from Continue Reading…

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Newsletter: Mailing Lists

Newsletters > Mailing Lists The ‘Newsletters‘ > ‘Mailing Lists‘ section allows you define your mailing lists. You may have just one general newsletter that you send out to your users or you may have different types of mailing lists that are specific to certain product, services or news items in your business. A mailing list Continue Reading…

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Checkout: Save a Shipping Method

Checkout > Shipping Methods > Save a Shipping Method 1. Name This title/name will be shown throughout the shop to both yourself as administrator and to the customers viewing the front of your shop. Choose this title carefully in order for it to be understandable by your customers viewing your products. Keep the title below Continue Reading…

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Orders Admin Functions

By going to the “Orders” section of the plugin, you can manage all the orders in the database. You have the ability to manually create new orders, change existing orders and remove orders if needed.

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Styles Admin Functions

In the “Styles” section of the plugin, you can manage all your product styles. You can add new styles, change existent styles in the database and remove styles as needed.

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