Newsletters – Embedded Images 1.8 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin: Embedded Images v1.8 release notes. Fixed PHP 7.x to 8.3 fixes. PHP 8.3 activation issue that was making the Newsletters menu inaccessible.

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Newsletters: Groups

Newsletters > Groups Groups The Newsletters > Groups section allows you group multiple mailing lists into a group. Newsletter Groups categorize your mailing lists. This lets you quickly select that group in order to send a newsletter to all the mailing lists in that group, rather than selecting each mailing list individually each time you Continue Reading…

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Newsletters – Total Control 1.5 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter Plugin: Total Control v1.5 release notes. Fixed Duplicate emails are being sent when this extension is active.

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Formidable Subscribers 1.4 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter Plugin: Formidable Subscribers v1.4 release notes. Fixed Previous update error.

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Send to Friend 1.3 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter Plugin – Send to Friend extension v1.3 release notes. Fixed PHP 8.0 activation error.

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