Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.7.7 Release Notes

Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.7.7 release notes.   Fixed Unwanted code displayed below the slider because of an older IE6 fix. Search result in plugins showed a warning. Security updates.

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Newsletters 4.8.8 Release Notes

Release notes for version 4.8.8 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin. Fixed AWS signature v4 issue. Bounce management error on PHP 8.1. Activation error with WPML and PHP 8.x.

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Newsletters 4.8.7 Release Notes

Release notes for version 4.8.7 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin. Added Debug log page wrapper. To fix a recurring issue and for added security, debug logs now show up on a page in the admin area rather than in a downloadable .txt file. You can still copy the content to a document. ‘Remove from all’ Continue Reading…

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Newsletters – Gravity Forms Subscribers 1.8 release notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin – Gravity Forms Subscribers version 1.8 release notes. Fixed Autocheck was not working when wrapping it in a condition. PHP 8.1 compatibility. Other bugs.

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Newsletters – WooCommerce Subscribers 1.7 Release Notes

Release notes for version 1.7 of the WordPress Newsletter Plugin : WooCommerce Subscribers extension plugin. Fixed Private mailing lists were being displayed to the end user. Now it only shows the public mailing lists.

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