WordPress Mailing List Plugin v3.6.1

WordPress Mailing List Plugin v3.6.1 Change Log

  • Offsite Initialization Errors
    When an offsite form is submitted the first time, errors will not immediately be displayed. Errors will be displayed after the form in the popup has been submitted with all custom and other fields.
  • Labels in “Settings” section
    Just a minor usability improvement. Labels have been applied to field captions/titles so to make it easier for you to select fields and quickly type in their values.
  • Embed History into post/page
    You can now insert the tag {wpmlhistory} into any post or page to display a list of all newsletters currently in your “History” section sorted by date in a descending manner. So the latest newsletter is displayed first and the oldest one last. No pagination is yet available for this.
  • Strip Set Variables – Custom Fields
    In the past, when you sent out a newsletter and published it as a post, only fixed dynamic variables were stripped from the content and not dynamic variables from custom fields. Dynamic variables from custom fields will now also be stripped from the content of the post.
  • History RSS
    You can provide users with an RSS feed of all the emails in the “History” section of the plugin. Each time you send a newsletter, it is added to the email history and will automatically be added to this RSS feed as well. Simply add “?feed=newsletters” (without quotes) to the end of any URL/post/page on your WordPress blog to display the RSS feed.
  • Import Subscribers to multiple mailing lists
    You now have the ability to import subscribers to multiple mailing lists. In the previous version, you were presented with a select drop down menu to select the mailing list to import to. Now, you can tick off the mailing lists to import to using a list of checkboxes.
  • Publish Post Excerpt Truncate Improvement
    When you publish a post and send it to a newsletter and you have excerpt turned on in the “Settings” section of the plugin, there was the possibility that the last word would be cut off. This has been improved in the sense that the last word will never be cut off.
  • Save Template missing editor
    In some situations, the editor was missing when saving a newsletter template because of a Javascript error. The error occurred because of the fact that the template title field did not have the ID “title”. This has been fixed.
  • Newsletter upon Subscription
    You had/have the ability to send the latest or oldest newsletter to new subscribers upon subscription (and activation). These newsletters sent out will now be specific to the mailing list subscribed to.
  • “Free” text removed
    In the previous version, non-paid mailing lists displayed the text “Free” in brackets on the front end to users. This text has been removed and will not be shown anymore. In case a mailing list is paid, the price and interval will still be shown in brackets.
  • Newsletter upon Subscription – Unsubscribe Link
    There were issues with the unsubscribe link inside latest/oldest newsletters sent to new subscribers (in case this feature is turned on). These issues have been taken care of.
  • Overwrite Field Types
    In v3.6, we introduced predefined field types such as the country select drop down, date picker, etc… Unfortunately, for existing installations, the upgrade did not add these fields. This issue has been fixed and all predefined custom fields will now be added as they should.
  • Deactivation of other subscriptions
    Other subscriptions of a subscriber were deactivated upon subscribing to another mailing list.
  • Queue Modified Date
    The modified date of the items in the queue were incorrect.
  • Queue Manual Processing – Unsubscribe Link
    There were issues with the unsubscribe link when emails in the queue were manually sent out. These issues have been fixed.
  • Mailing Lists Checkboxes Overflow
    In some sections of the administration panel, such as saving a subscriber, a list of checkboxes, representing the current mailing lists are shown. These checkboxes have been wrapped inside of a div with an overflow and limits to 100px height.
  • Subscription forms TABINDEX
    TABINDEX attribute has been added to subscription forms on the front end
  • Templates – Newline to Breakline Issues
    All newlines in templates were converted to breaklines. Even the HTML of a template outside of the BODY element. This will not happen anymore and all content inside of the BODY element will now be correctly rendered with paragraphs.
  • Offsite Form – return false
    “return false” has been appended to the Javascript execution in the ONSUBMIT attribute of the offsite forms. This will prevent the original page (with the offsite form) from refreshing in the background of the popup.
  • Entourage HTML Fixes
    There were several issues with the way HTML was rendered in Entourage. These problems have been fixed and improved.
  • Custom Fields Ordering/Sorting
    You now have the ability to sort/order custom fields in the “Fields” section of the plugin
  • Unsubscribe Confirmation Page
    When users/subscribers click an unsubscribe link in one of your newsletters, their subscription will not immediately be deactivated, but instead they will be taken to a confirmation page in order to confirm that they would like to unsubscribe.
  • Contact form in “Support” section
    In the “Support” section of the plugin, there is a small contact form available, requiring your name, email address and a message. This allows you to quickly send us messages with questions, suggestions and other queries. All messages are directly sent to us.
  • Subscribe Again Link
    When you add a subscription form to the front end, you can specify whether or not the form should display a “Subscribe Again” link. If you turn this feature on, a link with the caption “Subscribe Again” link will be displayed to the subscriber which will allow the subscriber to subscribe again. This is useful for subscription forms displaying a select drop down menu or checkbox list with multiple mailing lists.
  • Specify Redirect URL
    In the “Settings” section of the plugin, you can now specify a redirect URL which will be used to redirect users when they activate subscriptions, unsubscribe, etc…

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