Piping Step 1: Configure Bounce Script

The first step towards setting up bounce management for your WordPress Newsletters plugin is to configure/edit the bounce script included with the package.

The name of the script is “wpmlbounce.cgi” and it is located inside “wp-mailinglist/cgi-bin” of the plugin. Open this file in any text editor such as Notepad, Dreamweaver, Coda, etc… and change the value of the “wordpress_url” on line #7 of the file. The value should be your blog address URL. It is similar to the “Blog Address” value in the “Settings” section of your WordPress dashboard. For example :

$wordpress_url = "http://myblog.com";

With this done, save the file and continue to the next step where you will upload the file to your CGI-bin and set its permissions appropriately in order to be executed.

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