Newsletters: 2Checkout Paid Subscriptions


To start using the paid subscriptions feature of the WordPress Newsletter plugin, you’ll need to go to your 2Checkout vendor account and create a product for each of the mailing list subscriptions you’ll be providing to your users which is paid.

If you don’t have a 2Checkout account, you can sign up for one and start selling products online immediately, accepting credit cards, PayPal payments (without a PayPal account), eChecks and much more.


Configure the Plugin

Go to Newsletters > Configuration: Paid Subscriptions to configure paid subscriptions


1. Turn On Paid Subscriptions

You need to turn On the paid subscriptions feature in order to start using it. By clicking the On radio button, the other settings will become available.

2. Set your Currency

You can set your preferred currency here which will be displayed to your customers and the currency in which the amounts will be charged. The default currency is USD $.

3. Redirect Immediately to Payment

Set this to “ON” if you want to subscriber to be redirected to the payment method directly after subscription.

4. Admin Notification On Order

Based on your preference, you can turn this On or Off. If you want to receive an email when someone paid for a paid subscription, you must set this to Yes.

5. Payment Method

Set this to “2CO” in order to use the 2Checkout  payment method for your paid subscription payments.


2Checkout Configuration

Go to Newsletters > Configuration: 2Checkout Configuration to configure 2CO payment method


1. 2Checkout Vendor ID

This is your actual 2CO vendor ID. It is displayed at the top of your vendor account once you have logged in.

2. Vendor Secret

This is a secret word/string which is used for hash encryption (a security measurement). You have to set this word/string inside your 2CO vendor account inside the “Account” > “Site Management” section.

3. Account Type

Choose your account type- Live or Sandbox account.

4. Demo Mode

Specifies whether or not demo mode is turned on or off. You can turn demo mode on for testing purposes to ensure that your paid subscriptions are working correctly. Please ensure that you turn demo mode off for production purposes because users are not charged when demo mode is on.

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