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In order to import email addresses from your Mac OS address book into the WordPress Newsletter plugin, you’ll need to export them to a vCard file inside your Mac OS operating system.

vCard file to Newsletter plugin subscribers

Open up your Address Book application on Mac OS. Select the titles of all the addresses which you’d like to export. Then, in your Mac OS toolbar, go to “File” > “Export” > “Export vCard…”.

You will be prompted to specify a name and location for the file which will be exported. Save it to a location where you can easily find it, since you’ll need to be able to browse for it in the next step.

With your vCard file containing the selected address book contacts, go to the Newsletters > Import/Export section of the WordPress Newsletter plugin in your WordPress dashboard. Browse to the vCard file which has just been exported via your Address Book application. Choose the mailing list(s) to which the subscribers should be assigned to and check the “Mac OS Address Book (vCard File)” radio button.


1. File Browser

Click the “Browse” button and navigate in the pop-up window to the file you are wanting to import. Find the file and click “Open” you’ll see part of the location in the blank box once you have selected a file.

2. Mailing List

This will show all your current mailing lists as checkbox options. Select the mailing list(s) that you want to import the subscribers in the CSV to. Note that multiple mailing lists can be selected.

3. File Type

There is the option to choose to import either CSV Spreadsheet or a. In this case we are selecting a CSV file as shown in the screenshot above.

4. Custom Fields

Select and map the custom field you need to import


5. Require Activation

Would you like to send an activation/confirmation email to each subscriber to activate their subscription?

6. Update/ Overwrite Subscriber

Update and Overwrite current subscriptions.

7. Bounce/ Unsubscribes

The system will check each subscriber and if they bounced/unsubscribed, they will not be imported.

8. Show Progress

This is best explained by viewing the next tab in this section During the Import. Setting this option to ‘No‘ means that the import will be done in a page refresh. Depending on the size of the file the page maybe unresponsive for some time.

Setting this to ‘Yes‘ will display the nice visual progress as mentioned. It will use an Ajax import and you can see the emails which import and which fail.

Click the ‘Import Subscribers‘ button and wait a few moments for the file to upload. Once it has uploaded, the plugin will start processing the entries and import the subscribers. You can watch the progress of the import with a visual progress bar. Note the visual progress seen below is only seen if you set the “Show Progress” option to ‘Yes‘. If set to ‘No‘ the import is done on a page refresh, the page maybe unresponsive for some time depending on the size of the file.

Import subscribers from vCard file

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