Newsletter: View Mailing Lists

You are able to view subscribers and unsubscribed subscribers per mailing list by clicking on view under each mailing list. Newsletters > Mailing Lists: View.

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View Mailing List


1. Offsite Form

Generate an offsite form for this mailing list to be used on another site for users to subscribe to this mailing list.

2. Edit

Edit this mailing list

3. Delete

Remove this mailing list. (Subscribers won’t be removed if you delete the mailing list)

4. Information

Basic information about this mailing list. eg. number of subscribers, private list?, paid list? etc.

5. Add New

Add a new subscriber to the mailing list.

6. Check for bounces

Check for any bounced emails of subscribers in this mailing list.

7. Unsubscribes

Check for any unsubscribed subscribers to this mailing list.

8. Bulk Actions

Perform bulk actions on subscribers in this mailing list. E.g., delete, set or remove as mandatory, activate or deactivate subscriber, add subscriber to other mailing lists or move them to another mailing list.

9. Subscribers

View all subscribers and stats per subscriber in this mailing list.

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