Newsletter 4.4.6 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.4.6 release notes.


  • TinyMCE editor for multilingual system emails
  • Link to delete post on newsletter previously published
  • Support for qTranslate X multilingual newsletters
  • Mandrill webhook bounce configuration
  • Setting to include custom fields in HTML offsite code
  • Subscribe redirect URL per mailing list


  • Prevent plugin files in Google index
  • Class attribute on read more links of posts for easier styling
  • wpMandrill plugin compatibility
  • Latest posts scheduled task not showing correctly
  • Better printer friendly version of newsletter from print link
  • Remove personal information from links like unsubscribe URL
  • Manage Subscriptions pages for WPML multilingual Fixed


  • “Send Default” template overrides previous, manual choice
  • Tracking links/images break when tracking is turned off afterwards
  • TinyMCE adding paragraphs to system email templates
  • Quotes in some settings cause problems
  • Edit newsletter template on post/page includes no editor
  • Template cache causing issues with custom fields
  • “sent date” of newsletters on the subscriber
  • Emails archive even if the archiving setting is turned off
  • Manage subscriptions “Activate” button remains
  • Cannot undo publishing of post on a newsletter
  • Email format of subscriber overwrites when subscribing again
  • Manage subscriptions cache issue on profile save
  • Autoresponders not adding when subscribing on Manage Subscriptions
  • Admin subscribe notification not working from manage subscriptions
  • Manage subscriptions subscribe notification shows old subscriber info
  • Clear subscriber search not working
  • Cannot save custom value hidden field
  • Manage subscriptions “Current” listing buggy when removing
  • Conflict with QuForm Builder
  • Redirect on subscribe not working for offsite code

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