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PayPal Sandbox allows users to test Checkout with PayPal Before going Live. After you have installed Checkout please check that PayPal in set to Sandbox in the Configuration Settings.

Checkout Configuration

Set this to YES. Note this will need to be change back to NO when you are finished testing.

Create a Sandbox Account

Go to PayPal Sandbox and create an account. This requires a valid email address for example you shop email address for orders may be If you choose to use a different email address for security purposes such as when creating your sandbox remember account remember to set the relevant address in the Merchant/Email section of Checkout. If the two are different remember to change the email address back to the one you used for your live PayPal account i.e.

You will receive an email from Sandbox and be ask to verify account by clicking on the link. Write down both the email and password you used to create your sandbox Account.

Creating Two Test Accounts

Login to Your Sandbox Account. Click on Test Accounts. It is suggested that you use the preconfigured option. Create 2 accounts. One for the Buyer and one for Seller. For example the results will look something like this:



Remember to write down the passwords that PayPal assigns to each of these account plus the account email address. You will need these later when testing.

You may want to enable the review option for each account.

When you are done click on Home in the left Side bar.


For test purposes you must be logged into Sandbox using the email address and password that you used when you created the account. If you are not logged in Checkout will not be able to complete the transaction and you will receive an error message from Sandbox

Now login to your Shop site and process and order. Select PayPal as the payment method. You will be presented with a PayPal Login Screen. At this point enter the buyers email address  and password.

For example: 248974067

This will then let you complete the transaction. An email will be sent to the email address you selected when creating your sandbox account showing you the details of the order. You can also review the order details in sandbox   when entering sandbox as the Buyer as long as the “Payment Review” option is enabled.

Going live

Once again remember to rest your email address to the one used for Orders in the Checkout Configuration and set PayPal Back to No. Lastly if you are going to use PayPal in your shop make sure it is ticked as a payment option in the configuration of Checkout.

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