Checkout v1.4.7 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.4.7 release notes.


  • Surcharge feature for the PayPal payment method which can be turned On/Off and can be configured.
  • Ability to calculate tax before/after shipping was added to the order total.
  • Realex payments ACCOUNT value configuration setting for sub-accounts. Defaults to “internet”.
  • Page template settings for products, categories and suppliers in configuration section.
  • Page template setting for each individual product, category and supplier to override global settings.
  • Button/link in ‘Orders’ section to delete the credit card details of a user from the database when Manual POS was used.


  • In the ‘Products’ section, the Options of a Style didn’t display when a Style was ticked for the Add/Set Styles bulk actions.
  • Prices didn’t show up on the front-end for Style Options when a Style with checkboxes was used.
  • Payment method(s) setting boxes were inappropriately hidden from the configuration section.
  • “Go and add” shipping methods link was broken in the ‘Configuration’ section.
  • PayPal tax was calculated twice when discount coupons were turned on.
  • “Get Support” link on the ‘Overview’ page was going to the wrong place.


  • WordPress 3.0 Compatibility!
  • For CSV product import, the PHP mime_content_type function won’t be used if it is not available on the server as a PHP extension.

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