Categories On the Front

On the front-end of your WordPress website, you can easily display shop categories for users to view and browse through.

Create Category Posts/Pages

The plugin will automatically create a WordPress post/page for you in case you have the “Create WordPress posts/pages” configuration setting turned on in the “Settings” section of the plugin. Additionally, you can set a parent page for all posts/pages created and you can specify whether plugin should create posts or pages.

At some stage, you might need to create WordPress posts/pages manually in order to display your online shop categories. You can insert a code string into any WordPress post or page and it will be automatically replaced with the content of the category. Below is a code string example :


…where the integer value “3” represents the ID of the category. You may replace this number with the ID of any of your categories currently available. In the “Categories” section of the plugin, the ID of each category is displayed to the left, below the “ID” column.

Beautiful Newsletter Templates

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