View a Category

On the front-end, users will be able to view shop categories. When a shop category is viewed, the category title will be displayed as the page heading. Below that is the category keywords and then the category description.

In case a category has products assigned to it, the products of the category will be displayed on the category page as well. For each product, the title, a truncated description and a product thumbnail image is displayed. You may configure the appearance of products on a category page by changing the settings in the “Products Loop/Paging” tab of the “Settings” section of the plugin.

In case the number of products available in this category is larger than the “Products per page” configuration setting, pagination will be provided so that users can browse through the products. The pagination is links to the pages together with “Prev” and “Next” links for browsing.

Changing the Category View

Even though the plugin comes with a great layout for category pages, you have the ability to change this layout if needed. In order to change the layout, you will need some (X)HTML, CSS and basic PHP knowledge.

The template file which displays category pages is located in the “wp-checkout/views/default/categories/” folder and the name of the file is “view.php”. Additionally, there is a separate template file which displays the loop of products on category pages. This file is located in the “wp-checkout/views/default/products/” folder and its name is “loop.php”.

Feel free to open any of these view files in your text editor. We do not take responsibility or provide support for customized view templates though.

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