Remove Style(s)

In your WordPress dashboard, in the “Styles” section of the plugin, you can manage all your styles. You can either quickly remove multiple styles (together with their options) or remove a single style. All styles removed are permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved at a later stage. Additionally, all associations (style options) are removed recursively as well.

Remove Single Style

To remove a single style, you may select the specific style you wish to remove by ticking its checkbox to the left in the “Styles” section of the plugin. With the appropriate style selected, click on the “Delete Selected” button in the blue navigation bar to remove the style.

Alternatively, you can remove a style directly from its view page. Meaning, after you have clicked on the title link of a style in the “Styles” section to view its details, you may click the “Delete” button at the top, in the blue navigation bar to remove it permanently.

Remove Multiple Styles

Using the checkboxes to the left, next to each style record in the “Styles” section of the plugin, you can select all the styles you wish to remove. With the appropriate list of styles ticked off, click on the “Delete Selected” to permanently remove the selected styles.

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