Save Discount Coupons

Inside the “Coupons” section of the plugin, you can create new coupon codes and edit/change your existent coupon codes. To create a new coupon, simply click on the “add new” link at the top. To edit an existing one, click on the title of the coupon you wish to edit in the table displaying all your coupons.

Adding and editing coupon codes use the same form with the same fields you need to fill in. The only difference is that when you edit an existing coupon code, the fields will be pre-filled with the current values so that you can change the fields you want to and leave the other ones intact as necessary.

In the illustration above (click to enlarge) is the form for saving coupon codes. Below is a description for each of the fields displayed in the form/image.


The name/title of the discount coupon. This is simply for identification purposes. It will be used on both the back- and front-end of the WordPress website. So when a user applies a coupon code, this value will be shown on the shopping cart page.


The actual coupon code which will be typed in by users/customers applying the discount. You can type in a custom string/phrase to use as the coupon code or if you are not specific, you could simply click the “Generate Code” link next to the field in order to let the plugin generate a unique string for you automatically.

Discount Type

You can either choose “Fixed Amount” or “Percentage”. The fixed amount option will subtract a fixed amount from the order sub total while the percentage option will calculate the specified percentage of the sub total (before shipping is applied) and subtract the percentage amount calculated from the sub total.

Discount Value

This value works in conjunction with the “Discount Type” field explained above. Type in a numeric value to represent either the fixed amount of the percentage.

Expiry Date

If you wish to have this coupon code automatically expire on a specific day, month and year, fill this field in with the date in a DD/MM/YYYY format. If you don’t want the coupon code to expire, simply leave this field empty or put a zero (0) in it.

Max Use Count

The maximum amount of times the coupon code may be used in total. In other words, when the amount of times that the coupon code has been applied in total by all customers/users is equal to this value, it will automatically be deactivated. For unlimited usage, simply leave this field empty or set it to zero (0).


This field allows you to activate or deactivate a coupon code.

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