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The Payment Fields section in the Configuration of the Shopping Cart is where you can control the fields seen on the Shipping and Billing step during the checkout process. Here you can set which fields are required, you can hide the fields and you can change the name of the field as seen by the customer.

All fields are set to be visible and required by default. The administrator may select which fields should not display and which should not be required, by de-selecting the appropriate checkboxes.

Some fields are needed for obvious reasons. Examples are the Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code and Country fields that are needed for the shipping step as these details are important for delivery of the purchased items to the customer. These would, on the other hand, not be necessary in the case of digitally downloadable products.

The screenshot below shows a portion of only the Shipping Fields configuration, although the Shipping Fields and Billing Fields configuration options are on the same page and contain the same fields.



1. Show

This option determines whether the payment field should be displayed on the Shipping or Billing form.


2. Required

This option determines whether the payment field should be required/mandatory on the Shipping or Billing form.


3. Field

The field’s designation or function.


4. Title/Caption

The title/caption of each payment field can be edited to the desired text it will display to customers on the shipping and billing forms.


5. Drag-and-Drop Field Ordering

Payment fields can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them to the order they should display in on the shipping and billing forms.

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