Checkout 1.8.9 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin 1.8.9 release notes


  • New theme folder
  • Panel to choose the loading of styles/scripts as needed
  • Overview optimized for suppliers
  • Dashboard widget for suppliers
  • Set delimiter (comma, semi-colon, etc) for CSV exports globally
  • Thousands separator for price display
  • Support for a functions.php file in theme folder or child theme folder
  • Activate/deactivate bulk actions under Checkout > Coupons


  • Change Watermark JS to HTML Placeholder attribute
  • Faster Ajax calls with DOING_AJAX and SHORTINIT
  • New Google reCAPTCHA API integration
  • PHP mysql_escape_string deprecated
  • Ability to add zero (0%) tax rates
  • New navigation menus in admin areas
  • Select2 upgrade
  • Canada Post deprecated functions
  • Add states/counties for UK for custom shipping rates


  • Sub category URLs not working with custom post type
  • Canada Post script vulnerability
  • Open/closed hand cursors 410 Gone
  • Minimum order total setting doesn’t apply when clicking “Start Checkout”
  • AIM incorrect interval price when using a setup/trial
  • “Product added” message breaks contacts step tabs
  • Export discount coupons doesn’t work
  • Global discount coupons setting ineffective, active coupons still apply
  • Values filled in on grid/list not posting to product page
  • Order total and invoice calculation issues
  • States don’t load/initialize upon activation
  • eWay AU Shared transactions not marked as Paid and order receipt not sent
  • Select2 conflict with Newsletter plugin
  • Extra content area not saving
  • Fatal Error: Call to a member function uploads_path()
  • Sorting products by price causes database error

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