Start increasing sales with our Multiple Currency extension to the Shopping Cart Plugin. 

Add a currency picker on your WordPress Shopping Cart and all your website's store prices will change to show the shoppers chosen currency.

Your store defaults to your country's local currency for you to set up your store prices.

This extension to the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin will: Increase traffic to your site, increase your international sales rate, automatically update currency exchange rates and allow multiple currencies on one shop.

View installation and usage in the Multiple Currencies documentation.

Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • extension-plugin

    Extension Plugin

    Install Multiple Currencies as an extension plugin for multiple currencies in the the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

  • multiple-currency-configuration

    Multiple Currency Configuration

    Select your base currency and other currencies from which users can select a currency in a dropdown widget.

  • multiple-currency-widget

    Multiple Currency Widget

    Add a widget to your sidebar for your client to choose the currency they need.

Video of the Multiple Currencies extension