Discount Coupon Code not Working During Checkout on My Site

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When people try to go to my site and make a purchase, they are not able to put a discount coupon code inside the box. It shows up blank when you try to enter the coupon code and when you hit apply vode you get a message that says: "Please fill out a discount coupon code", and the cart wont update the with the discounted total amount. PLEASE HELP!!!!!


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    Thank you for your post.

    May we have a link to check this for you?

    I look forward to your response!
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    Hi LadyG,

    I'm just following up to ask for a link to we could investigate. Or have you perhaps managed to resolve the issue?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Kind regards,

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    Has there been any thought to having the coupon code apply to a product, group of products, or categories of products?  I have many products, some of which I am a dealer, and can't give any more discounts.  I can give discounts on my products, but the coupon code applies to all products over the entire shopping cart.  I may want to offer a discount on a category, for example #36 knotted nylon netting, but not on the #21 knotted nylon netting.  Is that in the works?  Web site:  Thanks.  /Bob DeCloss
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    There is another thread open that discusses the coupon by product.  Short answer is they are working on it. 

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    Hi Bob,

    Yes, "we are working on it." :)

    There are projects superseding it in importance (up to our ears) though, so we're unable to give an ETA on the completion thereof.


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