thumbnail not working on win/safari

WordPress 3.9.1
Slideshow Gallery Version :
The thumbnail images are not working on safari browser, Windows and iOs.The display is right on other browser.Is there a solution for displaying them ? Is that a known issue ?
Thaanx for your help


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    I'm bumping this thread. It's also seen in Mac Safari (some versions) although I can't give you the version of the OS. Any ideas?
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    Thank you for your posts.

    It must be a CSS compatibility issue with some browsers.
    We've added this to our development list for the Slideshow Gallery plugin so that we can fix it.
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    edited May 2014
    Same problem on all browsers (Win/Mac):
    WordPress 3.9.1Slideshow Gallery Version

    Thumbs are broken here, but not in this slideshow, which was made after the update.

    It seems that there is some trouble with the suffix of the thumbs. The post-update slideshows make a .jpeg suffix. The pre-update slideshows made a .jpg suffix, but the actual code searches for .JPG and fails with the lower case suffix.
    This is the thumb source what your code is looking for, but it should look for this.

    Maybe I'm wrong... in this case I have to change the thumb's suffixes manually in the DB.
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    I believe your problem is different though.

    You are right about the uppercase/lowercase file extensions of the thumbnails.
    It is a known problem with BFI Thumb script. We are waiting for a fix.
    We created a ticket/issue here:
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    So it has almost been a year since the missing thumbnail images were reported. How about a progress report?
    Thumbnails are;
    Missing in Win XP / IE8, and Safari and OPERA
    Missing on Android 2.3 - 4X native browser (working  in Firefox, and in Chrome)
    Missing on the iphone!
    Missing on MAC OS / Safari

    If this is a CSS issue then lets get it fixed!

    I am sure people would gladly donate or pay for a fully working version. But there are a lot of people that cannot see the thumbnails!

    I have created a ticket.
    Example site:

    -Daniel @

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    I solved the issue wit the thumbs in Safari.

    The issue is overflow:hidden in the CSS

    If you are using Responsive ... views\default\css-responsive.php

    Line #17 (Add overflow:hidden;)

    #<?php echo $styles['wrapperid']; ?> { position:relative; width:100%; background: <?php echo $styles['background']; ?>; padding:0 0 0 0; border:<?php echo $styles['border']; ?>; margin:0; display:block; overflow:hidden;}

    and Line #37 (Delete overflow:hidden; and add transparent to background)

    #<?php echo $styles['wrapperid']; ?> #slidearea<?php echo $unique; ?> { float:left; position:absolute; z-index:149; background: transparent <?php echo $styles['background']; ?>; width:calc(100% - 40px); margin:0 20px; height:<?php echo $sliderheight; ?>px; }

    If you are using NON-Responsive change the css.php too

    Those changes work for me.

    Tony @


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