Frequently Asked Questions

Daily, redundant backups

Our server includes daily backups of all accounts.

Backups include everything on the account, here is a list:

  • Files in the folder of the account and FTP users
  • Databases with their database tables and users
  • Email accounts with their settings and emails
  • Configuration settings on the account
The backup structure is more complex than just daily though. There are daily backups for 5 days, weekly backups for the past 2 weeks, and monthly backups for day 1 of the past 2 months. So, you are covered for up to 2 months on your data!

Backups are stored locally and redundant, remote backups of the backups are made to ensure that the data will still be available even if something had to happen to the backup on the server locally.

Restoring a backup through your cPanel is as easy as a single click. Simply select the backup by date from the list of available backups and restore it.

Backups are free and included for all hosting plans. Restoring backups is also free and included on all hosting plans. In short, there is no additional cost to this at all. We believe that backups are not a luxury but rather essential instead.

 Last updated Tue, May 26 2015 2:51pm