How to Manage Your Newly Remote Workforce


Due to the Coronavirus problem, you had to shift to a remote work setup just like all the other businesses. Strict quarantine and social distancing measures have placed you and your team in isolation. If this is your first time to be in this situation, it is normal jitters. Being unable to see your team physically to track their progress may seem unnerving at first. However, there are many ways to ensure that you can optimize work hours to keep everyone productive. Consider the following tips below to help you manage your new remote workforce.


Establish Structured Daily Check-Ins

Working from home means you must implement daily check-ins with your team regularly. If it is common practice for you to meet in your office every morning, then continue this virtually. You may need to add more teleconference schedules. These video calls are now easy to conduct with multiple workers thanks to Linux video software like Zoom, Zoho Meeting, Jitsi, Livestorm, and the like. Numerous users can hold a meeting seamlessly without any buffering.

These video calls motivate your team. Video marketing stats indicate the brain of human beings is hardwired to respond to videos differently when compared with other types of media. Its combination of audio and visual trigger chemical reactions and processes in your noggin as soon as the first clips hit your retina. Your brain processes videos at a faster rate, along with better connection and engagement. Most of all, videos are stored in a person’s long-term memory bank, making them a great business tool because you can easily remember what transpired.


Provide Several Communication Technology Options

In a remote office, communication has become even more vital to prevent misunderstandings. Everyone in your team must be easily accessible using various channels. Apart from the usual cell phone calls, text messaging, and video conferencing, you must provide several communication technology options for your team.

If you are new to this work from home setup, the first thing you have to do is pick a project management software like Confluence or Agile CRM that helps you control your projects, while offering security with reliable messaging. You can also use additional apps to keep track of your team’s progress, such as Slack, Teamwork, or Wire. These platforms allow seamless handling of messages, making sure that every person on your team sees information so no one gets left behind.

On top of that, using a time tracking software like Time Doctor, Time Camp, TrackingTime, Project Hamster, or Hubstaff is a must. This allows you to track your team’s project and billable work hours. All of these are easy to learn and come with various features.


Establish “Rules of Engagement”

Just like in your real office, you must establish virtual house rules to keep your remote team focused. Emphasize the importance of attending routine conference calls and logging on time on their TimeCamp or Hubstaff. Instruct everyone to establish their workspace at home to aid in their productivity.

Encourage your team to get out of their pajamas so they can resist the bed’s temptation. Most of all, remind your team that you are all “business as usual”, so you are expecting them to meet their requirements and deadlines, along with quality work outputs and excellent conversion rates.


Opportunities for Remote Social Interaction

Being at home is unnerving because you’ve lost your routine and the human touch. To help everyone feel less anxious, make sure you also conduct fun hours for social interaction like having Friday drinks with everyone during your telecon.

You can even have a watercooler section in your Slack, where everyone can talk about mundane topics throughout the workday to help everyone unwind and de-stress. Remind your team to keep balanced so they stay positive despite being “imprisoned” at home

Working from home is not a death sentence. Many other organizations have been doing this for years successfully. You may eventually realize that this is more cost-efficient because you no longer have to pay overhead fees. With the right management tools, you and your team can continue to achieve your goals even when you are all home.

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