The 5 In-House Business Risks That You May Not Know About

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Risk in business is a constant that you need to deal with. It could be a group of angry customers one day, a lawsuit the next, then a burglary a week later. These external sources of risk aren’t the only things you should be worrying about, however. In-house business risks also exist and they can wreak havoc in your business.


In-House Risks That Your Business Should Avoid

There are a number of things that businesses do in house that could put them in risk. In-house risk can be difficult to identify and the worst part is that it slowly ingrains itself into your business. You might not even know about it’s impact on your business until it is far too late. These 5 in-house business risks are insidious and the first step to beating them is to identify them before any major damage is done.


Lack of Marketing and Exposure

One of the biggest offenders when it comes to putting your business at risk is the lack of an investment in the marketing and exposure of your business. Without proper marketing, your business will have a difficult time getting found by your customers. Word of mouth can only get you so far and it will take an unnecessary amount of time for you to build a proper customer base.


Mismanagement of Your Budget

Making a budget is important for making sure that you can properly manage your funds. However, mismanaging it could mean that you’re spending too much or too little in certain areas. Our previous point of marketing and exposure can fall into this.


Cutting Corners In The Wrong Areas

Most business owners will try their best to minimize their spending in various ways. However, doing this the wrong way can mean that you’re cutting corners in all the wrong areas. The more obvious areas where cutting corners include product quality, employee benefits and, repairing or maintaining tools and machinery in your business.


Low Employee Morale

Your employees are some of the most important individuals in your business. They make sure that your products and services come out right and make your customers happy. However, some business owners don’t realize that employees should also be happy while doing their job. Low employee morale will cripple their ability to produce results and will make it harder for you and your business as a whole.

There are many ways your employees can suffer from low morale. Extreme stress, short breaks, not enough benefits and lack of progression from where they are right now are just some of the things that could lower employee morale.


Not Having The Right Employees For The Job

Sometimes, it isn’t employee morale that’s the problem. The employee themselves can be an in-house business risk. Having the right employee can mean the difference between good outputs and bad outputs. A bad employee will have very little to offer to your business and will cause problems for the other employees.

It’s essential that you have the right employees for the job and the best way to do it is to properly interview candidates or have a staffing company like Point One Recruiting to do the screening for you.



These in-house risks are an issue for many businesses that aren’t aware of the damage they can cause. However, once you know about them, they become easier to identify and avoid.

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