How To Improve E-commerce Home Page Conversions

The pandemic lockdowns turned just about everybody into an e-commerce shopper. While that situation created short- and long-term opportunities for online businesses, the rising popularity of e-commerce presents e-tailers with a serious problem: how to make their websites convert when visitors are more sophisticated, have higher expectations for user experience (UX) and are more adept at comparison shopping.

Having a good home page is no longer enough for an e-tailer. Instead it has to be great. In particular, if the home page doesn’t cover all the bases for content, design, navigation and UX, visitors will simply click off and go the next site on the list. However, if an e-tailer manages to incorporate all the right features into its home page, it will establish an important competitive advantage that creates more revenue and prevents customers and prospects from falling into the hands of the competition.

Creating that perfect home page is easier said than done, and this is where the infographic below comes in handy. Titled E-commerce Home Page Features to Boost Conversions, the infographic literally provides a top-to-bottom checklist of features that coax conversions from visitors who are demanding, on the fence, unsure of what they want, casually shopping, or in whatever other frame of mind they happen to be. As a bonus, the infographic also includes home page features to enhance SEO, which will help e-commerce firms draw in more visitors and boost conversions all the more.

The information below is extremely useful for e-commerce businesses in any stage of a website redesign — as well as for startups and brick-and-mortar businesses in the process of expanding into online sales.

The infographic also has long-term value as a template for e-commerce businesses that are rapidly growing. For instance, live chat, a feature noted in the infographic, may be beyond the capabilities of your business right now. But as revenues climb and website functionality can be added, your business will know what home page features matter most.

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