Minimalist Packaging: Why It’s The New Packaging Trend

Minimalism is one of the latest trends in packaging design. You can hone your brand by keeping your product design elements to a minimum and creating a striking and long-lasting impression among consumers.

Minimalist packaging design is here to stay, which allows the product’s integrity to shine through.

Below are the reasons why minimalist packaging is the newest packaging trend:


Consumers Are Used to Overwhelming Designs

Minimalist packaging is the latest trend because consumers are already used to bells and whistles of overwhelming and too colorful product designs. With the digital age, the visual elements of products tend to become more complex, as seen on videos, images, and features of smartphones and other gadgets or high-tech devices.

In one study, it reveals that there’s a significant positive correlation between product design, statistics education, and purchase intention. Because consumers tend to work in colorful environments and deal with complex gadgets and electronic appliances, going minimalist in your product design is a smart move.

Here are the advantages of using minimalist packaging:

  • Simple and appealing product design: It’s best to choose a minimalist design because it’s not disturbing to the eyes. Instead, it easily captures the eyes of your target audience.
  • Clear and easy-to-relay product information: Keep your customers excited by allowing them to read the information in your product packaging. Instead of putting a lot of images or patterns, emphasize the right information that should appear in your product label and packaging.
  • Stand out from the rest: Your product can stand out from your competitors if you have a well-thought minimalist design. In turn, this will boost your sales.
  • Make a great product statement: Create a bold statement without your product looking cheap.


Millennials Love Straightforward and Minimalist Designs

With the influence of their knowledge on search engines and great web designs, millennials are great influencers not just to the younger generations but also to older generations.

Great product design is not all about the colors. The key elements of great product design include open communication, understanding the user, and not rushing the wireframes.

Minimalist product design also promotes open communication because the experience, user flow, and colors are well-coordinated. Working with a good product designer, like Chief Packaging Officer, can help you attain your product goals to ensure that your message is communicated properly in your product design.


Product Designers Easily Incorporate Ideas in Minimalist Packaging

The examples of poor packaging design include too many graphics that fit the box and thick padding. A great designer knows the best design techniques to design a packaging that fits your products perfectly. It’s done by putting padding directly enough to accommodate and secure the product.

It’s important for a business team to have a good designer who can easily incorporate ideas and suggestions on the packaging. Luckily, minimalist packaging is much easier to work with packages that demand intricate or complex designs.

Never rush your product packaging design because it can be an obstacle to building mockups. Don’t make too broad design and never rush editing your product design just because the business and development team want to have a quick output.


More Cost-Effective

Minimalist packaging is a cost-effective way to promote your products without appearing cheap or poorly designed. Also, you’ll save money from too much waste created by overly sized or sophisticated packaging.

Fewer materials used in product packaging means lower cost of packaging. Create a packaging that’s perfectly designed to fit your product snugly and securely. Also, using fewer materials means it’s easier for rubbish removal specialists to recycle. Many designed product packaging has excessive amounts of additional packaging.

Less material used in product packaging means easier or more convenient shipping. Because shipping is calculated on space and weight, using less material will save you a lot of money in shipping. Use boxes made of lighter materials and those that consume as little space as possible. This can significantly decrease shipping costs.


More Environmentally Friendly

Eliminating these extra packaging is not only cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly. Sustainable eco packaging increases your business credibility and consumer trust in your brand. Consumers and investors love to deal with businesses that care for the environment or nature.

Also, environment enthusiasts and advocates would even promote your product if you have eco-friendly product packaging that reduces carbon footprint.



If you want your product to stand out, you need to implement a minimalist packaging. Many people are used to complicated, intricate, and colorful designs, and most often than not, they look cheap.

By implementing the best product design strategies, you’ll be able to achieve your short-term and long-term sales and marketing goals.

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