Newsletter May ’10

Throughout the month of May, much hard work went into developing a new product release each week and we are continuing with our weekly releases. June is here and we are extremely excited about it!

For those of you who may have missed the blogs on the releases and the affiliate program I will give you summary of what has been going on.

Releases and Updates

We released a new product each week in May month.


WordPress FAQs plugin v1.3.8 release


New features include:

  • Captcha Image Added
  • XHTML Validation
  • Shortcode for all FAQs


WordPress Checkout plugin v1.4 release

New features include:

  • Sorting of Product Custom Fields
  • Payment Gateways
  • TinyMCE Editor Button Added
  • Put Currency Symbol Before/After Price
  • Global tax calculation

Additionally, another release of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin will be available tomorrow with several improvements/fixes to the previous release and another payment gateway called Eway which has been integrated.


WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.7.8 release

New features include:

  • Newsletter Themes
  • Major MySQL Performance Improvements


WordPress WHOIS plugin v1.4 release

New features include:

  • Added the following TLDs
    • .mobi
    • .asia
    • .tel
    • .me
    • .tv
    • .mx
  • Added a TinyMCE editor button
  • Improved Porting to jQuery from Prototype/Scriptaculous, Ajax on widgets,Draggable meta boxes in Tools > WHOIS
  • Changed the captcha now uses Really Simple Captcha plugin API


Affiliate Program

You can sign up for our affiliate program right now! Here are the rules:

We have the best WordPress plugins in their market field. You are guaranteed to refer sales because the products are good and people don’t need to be convinced, they just need to be introduced to them. Some people already refer their friends and colleagues so now they can get something in return for it.

To give you an idea. Our top selling products are the WordPress Newsletters plugin and WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. They both sell a single license and a developer license. You will get for each single license sale referred and for each developer license sale referred.

Please sign up for an affiliate account here:


Quick Start Guides

This month we have finished the Quick Start Guides for most of the plugins. Remember that these are not meant to replace the online documentation but are aimed at giving enough basic information to get the plugin working.

You will find a Quick Start guide for each plugin on its main documentation page over at the Tribulant Documentation. It is meant for first time users of a software package to follow in order to get it up and running very quickly and efficiently.


Plugin Review for Developers

We usually do a plugin review to tell you about a good plugin which we have tried out and think is worth mentioning. This month, I want to try a different approach and feed all WordPress plugin developers with something useful that you can implement into most plugins. At least the ones that require some sort of user input from the front-end. It is a security captcha image!

I have personally integrated captcha images into plugins in the past but they never seemed to work as well as intended because of several factors such as WordPress not always playing nicely with sessions, 3rd party caching plugins and the fact that you have to include external class files into your plugin to make it work. I found an alternative called Really Simple Captcha which is a plugin itself and it has a quick and simple API which any plugin developer can follow. It really is simple! Here are some facts about it…

  • It is FREE!
  • The latest version is 1.1.
  • It works well on WordPress 2.9.2.
  • Doesn’t use PHP sessions to store data.
  • Approximately 1Mb in size, compressed.

To integrate the Really Simple Captcha into your plugin in order to require verification when data is submitted, you need to follow the API on the Really Simple Captcha plugin page.


A little Humour

Our Programmer at home – What happens when you are addicted


The Wrap up

Well that’s it for another month. I look forward to hearing from you and don’t forget to send us your site for inclusion in next month’s newsletter. Be safe and be well.

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